How to Clean Car Seats Like a Pro

by Weekend Maids on Nov 18, 2022 GPS 208 Views

Getting a car for yourself is easy but maintaining its hygiene and cleanliness is difficult. Just like you keep your home clean and devoid of any dirt, you also need to ensure your car is free from all the dirt. 

The hard surfaces of the car’s interior are usually easy to clean. The real trouble arises when it’s about cleaning car seats. Car seats are the most difficult to clean because they often catch dirt, sweat, and spills. 

Consequently, it's super essential to clean your car frequently and prevent dirt from accumulating over there. Most households prefer getting the car cleaned from the outside but the reality is that you can clean it yourself too. 

With little effort and tools, you can clean your car by yourself and save your hard-earned money. Here are some of the tips you should adhere to while cleaning your car. 

Steps to Clean Your Car 

Before getting started with cleaning, you need to ensure that you have all the necessary items with you that’ll help you to do the cleaning quickly and effectively. Go through the instructions stated below: 


The first step is to gather and wind up the dry dirt as much as possible by vacuuming your car seats. Vacuuming the car seats will help you to get rid of all the dirt, debris, dust, and other things making your car look dirty. 

Work the vacuum nozzles around the seams of the car seats and take them to every nook and corner. Once you are done removing the dry particles, you can begin cleaning the fabric. 

Use cleaning solution 

Applying the cleaning solution to the car seats is the next step. If you are purchasing a cleaning solution, ensure that it should be according to your car seats and suit them. Store owners highly recommend all-purpose cleaners as they tend to go with every car but this might not be as effective as specific ones. 

Brush car seats

The next step is brushing the car seats. Simply take a soft brush and brush the car seats with it post applying the cleaning solution. Apply a significant amount of pressure to remove the stubborn stains from the car seats. 

Care should be taken while brushing as excessive brushing can damage the fabric. All this will take out the accumulated dirt. 

Wipe away dirt 

Once you are done with brushing, take a microfiber towel and wipe away the excess dirt from the car seats. But the microfiber cloth should be cleaned so that you can see the difference if the car seats are getting cleaned or not. 

Also, when you are done brushing, wipe the car seats right after as otherwise, the dirt will dry and make it difficult for you to remove it. 

Use laundry detergent 

In case you are unable to remove the dirt with a cleaning solution, you can also use a laundry detergent. Simply mix the detergent with warm water and dampen the seats with a sponge. 

Take one clean cloth and scrub the area to remove all the dirt from the car seats. Lastly, wipe it off. 

Wrapping Up

Using all the above-mentioned tips, households can easily clean their car seats without any hassle. You can also get commercial cleaners from the market or use home remedies to clean it. Reach out to Weekend Maids professional cleaning services now to wipe away all the dirt from your car seats. 


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