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One of the greatest possibilities of the development of drones for daily life is the popularization of its use for video recording and this popularization brings to the market more quality and high technology types of drones and cameras with much more competitive prices, such as the BETAFPV 85X FPV Whoop Quadcopter 4S built-in FrSky receiver that is an excellent affordable 4k drone and is sold at

The BetaFPV 85X is a small and light drone equipped with the best in terms of recording. It has two excellent cameras, including 4K resolution, that capture high-quality pictures and, videos, that can greatly increase the experience of an FPV drone pilot. It is a great option for someone who wants high-quality video-recording with the drone, especially when compared to the prices of other 4K options on the market, as it is one of the cheapest options there is.


High Cost-Benefit
The Beta85X 4K is an excellent option for anyone who is looking for a drone that can capture high-quality images and make great in-flight videos for a low cost, as it has really great recording equipment, for a price that can be up to 4 times lower when compared to other drones that record at 4K . Similar drones may exceed the US$1000 price tag, while the Beta85X 4K is sold at for only US$259.99, making it definitely an affordable 4K drone.

Even if you have the most amazing stuff to tape, it is crucial to ensure that the drone will not shake much with the movement of the propellers. Otherwise, the capacity of the recording equipment would be underutilized. Because of that, the Beta85X 4K is made with its entire structure adapted to provide a stable and clean recording, using modern materials and keeping it as a low price 4K drone.


The frame stiffener brace of the Beta85X 4K is made of carbon fiber, a first category material used all over the world in all of the best aeronautical projects. This carbon fiber brace gives the structure an excellent resistance, lightness, and, mainly, vibration damping, which allows precise and high-quality recording during flight. As was said, the drone uses what is best in material technology out there in order to keep it as the best affordable 4K recorder in the market.

Moreover, the frame itself is customized for the BetaFPV 85X, and it is very durable and light, which gives it the status of one of the best frames in the market. It has a flexibility that protects the electrical part of the drone and the props from knocks against the floor or any wall, which makes your experience as a pilot much more relaxing and contributes to good footage.

4K camera and Full HD camera
The Beta85X 4K is equipped with a CADDX Tarsier 4K camera, that captures images at 4K resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels), 4 times better than a full HD image (1920 x 1080 pixels), what provides to the pictures captured by the camera more sharpness, brightness, and better color variation, in other words, easier perception of the details on the resulting image.


The 4K camera equipped on the Beta85X 4K can also record images at 30 frames per second. Coupling that with an anti-shake implemented system, this drone has the ability to record beautiful, cinematic videos of the environment, while flying at smooth conditions.

This drone is also equipped with another full HD 60 FPS camera, designed especially to allow the owner of the Beta85X 4K to perform a faster and more acrobatic flight without losing the fluidity of the video even during high velocity, adrenaline-inducing maneuvers. This special camera allows for great quality of image visualization, even if the goal of the flight is to enjoy the power of the drone itself.

When the really high-quality images, brought by the 4K resolution, are combined with fluidity on transitions, that come with the 60 FPS rate, the freedom of flight and the anti-shake qualities implemented, the result is terrific videos, that can improve the experience of being a hobbyist of RC drones and, mainly, give you a new and much more exciting and beautiful view of any place, in the best angles imaginable.

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