What's the Difference Between a Stock Hair System And a Custom-made Hair System

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When just beginning, you might be dazzled through the several choices of hair pieces for men in the marketplace. Today we will compare the 2 options of the stock hair system and custom-made hair systems that will help you choose which someone to choose.

Exactly what is a stock hair system?

A regular hair system describes hair systems or toupee which are available. At LaVivid, our factory has developed in the hair niche for over twenty years. Over this era, we've discovered which toupee styles are typically the most popular and which individuals find preferred to put on. We've selected around 20 styles with 30-60 colors for every style, making a minimum of 20 pieces for every colour of each style available. So as a whole, we've around 10,000 pieces available. Because the hair systems keep being offered on the website, our builder keep trying to sustain time. We've selected these hair systems as typically the most popular which can meet the requirements on most people.

Which means that whenever you receive it, oftentimes you can't put on it straight as they are. Differing people have various sizes of hair thinning, which means you should cut the bottom for your size, in addition to cutting your hair to produce your chosen hair do. Usually, this method must be completed in a unique hair system barbers or salon.

Exactly what is a custom-made hair system?

On the other hand, a custom-made hair system is to request your personal hair system needs to create a personalized hair system ideal for your particular desires and needs. You are able to control everything such as the base size, base construction, hair color, hair length, hair density, hair wave and much more. To put a custom order, you are able to send us your template and needs and the largest basics just that size, lower towards the same mind curve.

We are able to also make on-trend hair colors including different highlights, lowlights or perhaps a fade color.

What's the web site stock hair system along with a custom-made hair system?

Interestingly the fundamental materials used to create a stock hair system along with a custom toupee are identical. The only real difference backward and forward is the fact that for any custom-made hair system, you are able to decide all of the qualities and materials from the hair system and basically become your own designer.

Another key difference backward and forward may be the production time. A regular hair system takes only 2 to 3 days to process before delivery, while a custom-made toupee requires longer, around 6 to 8 days production time.

This is actually the very first time I'll put on a toupee, that ought to I am going for?

For any beginner, we recommend you select a regular hair system to start with. Putting on a hair product is a chance to learn which might have a couple of days or several weeks that you should uncover what matches your needs.

After hair product is fitted, you need to be aware of whether or not this feels comfortable, whether it's acceptable for sleeping, showering, exercising, the way the connecting product works and just how your hair stands up. If you discover anything that isn't that which you expected, you should attempt other hair system bases to find out if they're more appropriate.

For instance, when the first hair system base you attempt is really a skin base and also you find it's not breathable following a couple of times of putting on it, then the next time you purchase a hair system you can select a lace base to determine how that actually works.

Trying different hair systems with various bases is the easiest method to experience which fits your needs. Within this situation, a regular hair product is the suggested choice. Stock hair systems are cheap and could be sent to you considerably faster than custom-made systems.

Once you have be familiar with putting on hair systems and wish to create your own hair system, then that's the ideal time to buy a custom hair piece.


Any queries regarding men?ˉs toupees, don't hesitate to call us at support@lavividhair.com and our experts will very with patience show you with the process.

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LaVivid is committed to delivering the best non-surgical solutions to men who are experiencing hair loss. We provide premium quality men’s hair replacement systems for competitive prices. Each hair piece is individually handcrafted and designed with your needs in mind. Here at LaVivid the customer comes first, and we strive to make every customer’s hair loss journey a little bit easier.



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