Understanding the Importance of Prom Dresses in Today’s Society

by Ashu Soin on May 19, 2020 Agriculture 531 Views

Every spring that arrives the United States witnesses a strange ritual. During those months of the season, youngsters all over America gather for a dance. This social event or gathering is endorsed by local elders. In the events young people deck up in fancy costumes mainly to celebrate their coming of age from childhood to adulthood. This social event is called prom and the concept of prom dress gown – as obvious as sounds – originates from it. 

According to students of sociology this colorful ritual has analogies to share with many other events celebrated across different parts of the world. Since sociology is not our topic in hand, we better skirt discussing the comparisons.

What’s so colorful about prom nights?

High school prom is a powerful feature that defines the American adolescence experience on the whole. Officially it is considered as an event to celebrate the graduation of teenagers from high school. The ritual often looks too stereotype for those who have attended many and absolutely meaningless for those who were never lucky to have attended one. Leaving the debate aside it is relevant mentioning here the ritual has not only spread to Canada but also across many other societies and nations across the Atlantic.

The conventions or rules of a prom have not changed much with the passage of time. They are more or less the same as they were in the distant past. But interestingly, those same conventions are run and rerun time and again in a string of movies and TV shows. Some of the teen classics that revolve around it include Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, 10 Things I Hate About You to name a few.

But prom is definitely much more than what we’ve discussed so far in the above paragraphs. It is now the rite of passage in social life of American kids. To be more specific, it is the space where teenagers explore and get pushed back against typical conventions existing in the society ranging from gender, values, tradition and ofcourse sexuality. 

Therefore attire or dress obviously takes the centre stage at any prom night. Prom gowns are one of the most popular varieties in the entire range of women’s party dresses. The items invariably sell like hotcakes every year and their commercial prominence is so strong that fashion designers just cannot overlook that aspect by any means. In short, a prom dress is the centerpiece material evidence to reveal the whole experience of a prom night.

Crucial role of prom dresses

Maybe it’s not for kids to understand but certainly for their parents that prom dresses play a great role in balancing various social tensions. How crucial this balancing is cannot be expressed properly in words. You take a look at them and you’ll understand on your own. Some of these factors include the following:

1) A dress has to fit in perfectly

2) But it should also make you look cool – just like your usual self

3) The dress has to be the perfect blend of both classic and modern

Encapsulating such contrasting elements together into a dress is never easy to say the least. Thankfully there are technically sound, dedicated, innovative minds that never tire out to experiment their creativity to deliver to the level of customers’ expectations.

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