Technical Problems and Research Directions of FPV Systems

by floatingsolar on May 9, 2023 Green Living 127 Views

Here are the technical problems and research directions of floating solar systems (FPV) on the sea.

The technical difficulties of the development of offshore floating PV systems mainly include mooring, wind resistance, wave resistance and slap resistance. Through two-year experimental research, we can preliminarily determine the solution directions of the four major technical problems.

(1) Mooring
1) In water depth of more than 5m, the feasibility study is carried out on the combined force of wind power foundation as auxiliary force and pile, and chain and anchor as the main force.

2) In the subtidal zone below 5m, a feasibility study was carried out on the combined force of pile chain anchoring as the main force and floating body bottom as the auxiliary force.

3) In the intertidal zone, a feasibility study is carried out on the combined force with the floating body bottom as the main force and pile, and chain and anchor as the auxiliary force.

4) A feasibility study is carried out on the final supporting structure of the geographical and geological characteristics of the specific tidal flat.

(2) Wind resistance
To minimize the wind load as the main direction, the structure form of the floating body and structural material research are particularly important.

(3) Wave resistance
To increase scientific and technological innovation, the new floating structure is adopted. The technical innovation concept of "go with the flow, flexibility over rigidity" is adopted. The feasibility study is carried out from multiple perspectives of "materials, structure, stress principle, anchoring system, way of reducing force and energy, dynamic cable, a new concept of operation and maintenance". Among them, floating body structure, flexible connection, flexible mooring, flexible photovoltaic module and dynamic cable will be the focus of attention.

(4) Anti-slap/slap resistance
Taking flexible photovoltaic modules as a technical breakthrough, the feasibility study is carried out to fundamentally change the "structural mechanics principle, failure mechanism, failure tolerance boundary, failure probability determination, failure operation and maintenance treatment" of solar photovoltaic modules.

Although relevant offshore floating PV pilot projects have been put into operation, proving the technical feasibility of offshore floating PV solutions. In fact, the main challenges facing the market, scale, and adaptation to the sea should be the main challenges. From the perspective of our country's current level of science and technology research and development, the floating photovoltaic is in the development stage of "scientific research projects" which can carry out experimental demonstration. From the perspective of the development of the whole industry chain, whoever dares to take the lead in practice and break through. It is the first to eat crabs. He or she can occupy the commanding heights of the development of the floating photovoltaic and the position of the industry leader.

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