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The mineral feldspar is believed to make up the crystals that are known to compose sunstone. Iridescence may be seen from various angles thanks to Hematite and Goethite inclusions. Sunstone healing stones have a positive connotation associated with their richness and pleasure and are often seen in warm tones of orange, gold, red, and brown. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss all that you need to understand about this incredible gemstone. You can take a quick look at the world of this remarkable semi-precious stone from perks to price. Let us start with the benefits and properties part.


The Good Luck Stone

Sunstone is here to guarantee that you have a piece of everlasting summer nearby for individuals who need to bask in the warmth, feel the light wash over their skin, and find themselves considerably more energetic in the gentler months than the gloomy winter evenings. Golden-orange coloration, dazzling layers, and an iridescent sheen provide a sense of connection with that big ball of fire far above, evoking both its life-giving characteristics and the incredible sensation that everything is going to be well.

Vikings are supposed to have used the Sunstone as a compass to navigate the icy azure blue seas of the North Sea in search of better pastures. The Sunstone was initially discovered in Norway's Fjord-sweeping lands. Sunstone was revered by Native Americans and the ancient Nordics for its healing properties, and legend has it that the blood of a great wounded warrior was responsible for the stone's unique hue. Even the Ancient Greeks believed that this beautiful piece of warmth originated from the sun god, so widespread is the belief in the Sunstone's origins in myth and folklore.

The Sunstone is supposed to tap into the sun's power, bringing healing, joy, and guidance to individuals who are uncertain of their path. If you're feeling low on energy, it might provide you a burst of energy and a dose of vitamin C for the soul. Norway is just one of several countries where it is mined; it is also dug up in Greece and Russia. Keep reading to learn more about Sunstone's rays of sunshine. 


Sunstone: A Quick Guide to Using It

Incorporate this excellent stone into your life and let its golden rays fall on you. Having the Sunstone in your possession or your house provides a guiding light, glimmers of incredible optimism, and tremendous positivism. Your attitude will brighten, and your life will blossom as soon as this goldstone is around, whether you use altar stones to adorn your environment or wear gemstone jewelry set with Sunstone for personal adornment. The healing power of Sunstone may be brought into your life in various ways, it can be by wearing its jewelry, having a decorative item, or by simply carrying the stone. 



Sunstone is one of those stones bursting at the seams with power and is always ready to lift you into a higher vibration. Having this stone around has the same rejuvenating effect as a warm sun kiss on your face. In the Sunstone crystal, you can find the most valuable gold that can be discovered in all the lands, and you may use it for anything from staying grounded to forming nurturing relationships to bringing in good fortune.

If you want to buy gemstones online, you must consider the return policy of the company. A legit company will definitely have a strong return policy.


Buy Certified Sunstone Online 

In order to fetch the desired astrological benefits, it is favorably advised to only buy a real Sunstone from a most trusted gemstone store. You can also visit Navratan, the online gem Bazar to get the widest range of this gemstone along with an authenticity certificate. Here at Navratan, all the gemstones are approved by international gem testing labs such as SSEF, GRS, GIA, IGI, and Gubelin. Thus, it is also counted amongst the most reliable gem website where you can get the widest segment of certified gemstones online at the most affordable price range. You can avail yourself of an insured shipping facility across the globe along with a hassle-free return option at Navratan. To shop for the premium collection of certified sunstone online visit Navratan or call us anytime.

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