Chilling Tales: The Fascinating History Of Air Conditioning

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With summer just around the corner, the demand for air conditions and aircon servicing to make our lives more comfortable in the sweltering heat of Singapore is high. However, have you ever wondered about the fascinating history of this modern-day marvel? The history of air conditioning is nothing short of amazing, from its invention to its influence on contemporary culture.

Join us on a voyage through time with us as we learn how this ground-breaking technology has impacted our lives.

Where It All Began: Tracing the Origins of Air Conditioning

Ancient cultures were the first to think of cooling interior spaces by hanging wet mats or curtains in doorways to cool the air as it passed through. However, the first mechanical cooling device was not created until the 19th century by Willis Carrier, who is widely regarded as the originator of contemporary air conditioning. Experimental engineer Willis Carrier, 25, built a crude cooling system to lower the humidity around the machine.

He circulated air over steam coils immersed in frigid water using an industrial fan; the extra humidity condensed on the coils and cooled the air. Even Carrier kept modifying the technology because he was aware that his original invention was not the best method for controlling humidity. By 1922, Carrier had developed the Centrifugal Refrigeration Compressor, the forerunner to contemporary air conditioning, which was safer, more compact, and more potent.

Before Carrier, Have Any Other People Tried Air Conditioning?

William Cullen, a lecturer at the University of Glasgow, invented refrigeration technology in 1748, long before Carrier was even born. Cullen evaporated liquids in a vacuum. Over a century later, John Gorrie, a physician in Florida, used a small steam engine to cool the air to make his patients with tropical diseases more comfortable.

Does The History Of Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Have Any Connections?

The early development of air conditioning was prompted by the requirement to keep food. Foods stored at room temperature quickly go bad because of bacterial growth. Bacterial growth quickly slows down below 4°C (40°F), where it is most comfortable. Other uses resulting from advancements in food refrigeration include air conditioning, humidity control, and manufacturing procedures.

Liquefied ammonia can cool air when permitted to evaporate, as was discovered in 1824 by the principles of the absorption type of refrigeration. A doctor called John Gorrie invented ice in 1842 using compressor technology.

The first widely available air conditioning systems were developed to cool the air for industrial processes.

Modern-Day Air Conditions

While using the same basic science as Carrier's system from 1933, modern air conditioners integrate improvements in vapor compression, diagnostics, controls, electronic sensors, substances, and energy-saving technologies. Manufacturers of air conditioners have effectively raised the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) to 16 or 18, surpassing the DOE efficiency norms, in order to keep up with the regulations. In addition to the Infinity, some premium models, like the Lennox XC21 and Trane XL20i, are rated up to 21 SEER, further promoting environmental protection and allowing consumers to save money on energy.

To Come To The Point

The development of air conditioning has completely transformed the way we live, taking us from the blazing heat of the past to the cool luxury of the present. Appropriate air conditioning maintenance is crucial as long as we depend on this invention to keep us comfortable. At EZaircon, we make it simple for you to obtain the finest aircon servicing, ensuring that you can remain cool and at ease in the scorching summertime. Let us help you make your summer EZ.

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