Overview & Major Benefits of the ‘Term’ Policies for the Expatriates

by Alzbeta Berka on Mar 2, 2019 Debt Consolidation 557 Views

There are uncertainties at every step of the life and the unpredictable events, such as accidents, may change the life of your nearest family members forever. In this scenario, it is always prudent to have a life-insurance policy; however, the importance of this type of policy increases when you are in a foreign country. You may not have any relative or friend to support you or family in the hours of need. An accident may steal you from the family members without any warning and your family may feel helpless in a foreign land due to this sudden turn of events. In this scenario, this type of indemnity policy can give your family the necessary protection.

Availing a Policy Depending upon Specific Requirements

The expatriates may significantly benefit from the ‘term’ policies to shelter the lives of the family members from the unforeseen and unfortunate events. It is possible to buy these policies for specific years depending upon your personal necessities or terms and conditions of the particular companies. Hence, if you are going to stay in a country for a few years, then the ‘term’ policy saves you from paying the premiums for a lifetime. This type of policy enables you to offer the benefits of regular policies to your family with this convenient feature. Similar to the regular policies, your family receives a huge sum after your death and may spend this money to satisfy different types of expenditures in the foreign country.

Renewal Facility

The renewal process is another benefit of purchasing the ‘term’ policy. It is possible to renew the timeline of this type of policy after the maturity of the current policy which may seem like a blessing. You may purchase a policy for five years, as you may plan to stay in a foreign country for five years. However, you may change this plan at the end of five years and may receive an extension to continue your stay for a few more years. In this scenario, the renewal process enables you to extend the timeline of the ‘term’ policy depending upon your personal requirements. Hence, it is highly beneficial to purchase a ‘term’ life insurance for foreigners.

Types of Policies

Fixed Premium Policy

The fixed premium policy is also known as ‘Level-Term’ policy. This type of policy allows you to pay a fixed amount of premium for a specified period of time that usually remains between 10 and 30 years. The amount of death-benefit also remains fixed at the time of maturity. However, the amount of premium may be higher in this type of ‘term’ policy, as the ‘premium’ remains the same irrespective of the condition of market over a period of time.

Renewable Policy

The yearly renewable policies of expat life insurance usually do not have any specific terms and conditions. However, it is possible to renew these policies every year without requiring any evidence of insurability every year. The primary amount of premium may be low in these types of policies; however, it may increase with increment at the age of an individual.

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