Skandagiri Hill Trek Bangalore

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Skandgiri is a stunning hill close to Bangalore that is well-known for trekking and sunrise views. Among the locals, it is also known as Kalavara Durga. It is 1450 metres above sea level and surrounded by the Nandi Hills.


The climb to the hilltop position is exciting for hikers and has a medium degree of effort. People are known to regularly spend the night out under the stars on the hilltop, which offers a beautiful view of the hills in the area.


When Tipu Sultan was in charge of the kingdom of Mysore in the eighteenth century, Skandgiri was the site of a magnificent fort that he had constructed. When his kingdom and the Britishers lost their fight, the balance of power shifted to the British.


They failed to make the fort prosper while in charge. Only a fraction of the fort's walls are still standing today, and the majority of the fort is now in ruins. Two temples, one at the base of the hill and the other at the summit, stand out in the landscape because they were unharmed, while the rest is now in ruins.


Additionally, Skandagiri Trek is a well-known trekking location in Bangalore that is open both during the day and at night. In fact, one of the most risky things you can do at Skandagiri is to hike up the hill during a full moon night. The display was at the top of the hill.


How to go to Skandagiri from the airport in Bangalore :


Skandgiri's closest airport is in Bangalore. The mountainous town is roughly 60 kilometres away from Bangalore. Visitors have the option of travelling between the two locations via a KSRTC bus, which runs frequently.


The final stop on this route, Chikballapur, is where the bus discharges its passengers. From there, they could either hire an automobile to deliver you to the foot of the hills, which would be 15 minutes away from the stop, saving you 45 minutes of walking time, or they could take a leisurely stroll to Skandgiri.


Best Season to Visit Skandagiri :


The ideal time to visit Skandagiri is between the months of April and June and November and March. The weather is pretty comfortable at this time, and the surroundings take on a magnificent display of ambiance colours. When visiting Skandagiri, the rainy season, which lasts from July to October, must be avoided.


Tips before you visit Skandagiri :


  1. The rainy season is not one of the finest times to visit Skandagiri, so avoid going at that time.


  1. It is incredibly exhausting and challenging to keep on your feet due to the slick terrain and slick roads. The slick ground might be quite difficult to navigate.


  1. Always have enough water on hand to prevent dehydration.


  1. Dress comfortably and wear supportive footwear to prevent discomfort.


  1. Because the trail is long, make sure you are physically prepared to go on the trek. A few days prior to the walk, engaging in stretching and exercise may be helpful.


  1. If you're planning a nighttime hike, make sure you have enough torches and batteries, as these will be very helpful.


How Hard Is the Skandagiri Trek?


The hike to Skandagiri is simple. The Skandagiri hike contains no terrain that may be categorised as particularly challenging. A trekker must, however, constantly plan ahead and be ready for everything.


While rising and descending, be on the lookout for the following:


• Slippery trail (unique to the monsoons): 

During the monsoons, the trail becomes more difficult since the mud and rocks become quite slick. Trekkers should be extremely cautious when selecting their footwear for hiking in the monsoons and should consult weather forecasts to avoid days that are expected to see significant rain.


Rocks & Stones: 

Throughout the route, there are several places when hikers must climb over small rocks or over wide stone slabs. While the trek's most enjoyable section, one must use caution. Trekkers must use caution when navigating these areas because slipping or falling from a rock might result in serious harm.


• Muddy portions: 

Because this path is made up of both rocks and mud, there are some mainly muddy areas that are particularly slick even when it hasn't rained. In these sections, there is a considerable likelihood of sliding and skidding for a distance of a few metres. Therefore, it is advisable to walk carefully in these areas.


Conclusion :


The best place for novice trekkers to begin their journey is Skandagiri. It will be a short and enjoyable hike that will inspire you to discover other hiking trails in the future.


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