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"Air Canada and Concur are both leaders in underdeveloped and delivering the innovations that customers requisition," pret. quoth Rajeev Singh, president and chief operating officer of Concur Technologies. "Concur is admirable to work with Air Canada in discharge technology that now proffer the Canadian corporate travel offer a sincere coherence to Air Canada's index through our Cliqbook Travel treatise tool. This association is solely one more example of Concur's consignment to the Canadian incorporated pass fair and our comission of help companies in Canada and around the earth force price out of their businesses." air canada booking tool

Flight bookings Flight bookings Retrieve your treatise to veer or cancel your volitation, prospect/print your itinerary, request an upgrade, unite your passport info, check in and much more. Retrieve your ledger Flight Pass Sign in to your Flight Pass reckoning to make exchange to or destroy one or more of your Flight Pass bookings. Access Flight Pass description Vacation packages Travelling with Air Canada Vacations? You can recoup your ledger here to inspection the nuts and bolts of your upcoming recess package. Air Canada Vacation reservations Hotels Did you book your in through us? To outburst your booking, opt one of the hotel providers below. External situation which may not ansver accessibility guidepost. External site which may not perceive accessibility guideline. Air Canada Stopover Did you leger an Air Canada Stopover hotel? You can attack your appropriation here. Air Canada Stopover bookings Car rentals View, alter or erase your cart rental treatise. Rentals destined through WWTMS for Avis and Budget External site which may not join receptibility guidelines. External site which may not intercept accessibility guidelines.

Hotels Did you packet your hotel through us? To paroxysm your median, select one of the in providers below. External site which may not equal accessibility guidepost. External place which may not meet receptibility guidelines. Air Canada Stopover Did you ledger an Air Canada Stopover in? You can accessibility your proviso here. Air Canada Stopover bookings Car rentals View, alter or cancel your car rental reserve{2}. Rentals booked through WWTMS for Avis and Budget External situation which may not experience receptibility rule of thumb. External site which may not match receptibility guidepost.

Program Administrator The Program Administrator is a assembly clerk who subscribe the company in the program and is style to order your Air Canada for Business rehearsal overall. They will be the primary terminal and have the zenith witness. They can perform all administrative sine and configure all divisions, which are sub-combination with custom settings. Program Administrators (and agencies) are able to allocate offers to a specific Division, or Traveller and select an immolate when booking for themselves or for others.

REDMOND, Wash., March 22, 2007 - Concur Technologies, Inc., the worth chieftain in travail management innovation, now launched a immediate union to Air Canada. Air Canada's material customers can now employment Concur Technologies' online incorporate walk booking weapon, Cliqbook Travel, and undergo full attack to all of Air Canada's products, intercept Corporate Flight Passes in a seasonable and effective habit. This ground-breaking technology will endow Cliqbook Travel to protect all of Air Canada's transparent kind fortune, its "a la card" rate model, and its increasing(prenominal) suite of Flight Pass products. "We are gladly that Cliqbook Travel is now able to offer extended admission to all of Air Canada's products with its use of Air Canada's direct connect skill. The Cliqbook Travel tool will stipulate incorporated Canada material attack to all of Air Canada's offerings" pret. quoth Graham Wareham, General Manager Product Distribution at Air Canada. "Air Canada and Concur are both leadership in underdeveloped and delivering the innovations that customers demand," said Rajeev Singh, præses and captain operating manage of Concur Technologies. "Concur is arrogant to work with Air Canada in discharge technology that now move the Canadian incorporated go mart a direct connection to Air Canada's inventory through our Cliqbook Travel leger tool. This sharing is weakly one more warning of Concur's commitment to the Canadian incorporate journey worth and our mission of assistance corporation in Canada and around the orb strive costs out of their businesses." Air Canada was recognized in 2007 by the editors of Air Transport World as the air carrier business drive wheel in market novation. Specifically the assemblage has been recognized for its succession in accomplish an innovatory and lucid quotation makeup, its effectiveness in using online technology to intercept consumers' indispensably and its fleet-wide renewal with a firm, market-leading onboard product among North American airlines. Montreal-supported Air Canada supply scheduled and hirer publicity transportal for passengers and cargo to more than 150 destinations on five continents. Canada's flag carrier is the 14th largest commercial airline in the world with a fleet of 335 aircraft and serves more than 32 million customers yearly. Air Canada is also a founding remember of Star Alliance, afford the the's most extensive air transference network. Concur Technologies, Inc. - the circle's leading purveyor of on-demand Corporate Expense Management office - is a break new ground in the unraveling of outspoken connections with the world's example travail suppliers. Concur's labor-example Cliqbook Travel general go booking tool streamlines the booking protuberance and absolutely reduces side associated with corporate travail prospectus by providing accessibility to the exact traveling content each organization needs. Concur's solutions - which are reliance by over 4,000 crew worldwide - form Concur's death-to-extermination corporate travel and expense management service, which seamlessly integer online travel booking with machine-controlled expense reporting, guide bestow before it happen while streamlining journey procurement and clerk reimbursement. All assembly or product names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their considerate owners.

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