List of Celebrities who aren't shy about their sweet tooth

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Hi, chocoholics! Hope you are finding enough chocolates to keep you satisfied. Chocolates are fabulous and delicious and mouthwatering, oh and tempting too and that too in any form. Club chocolates with anything like cakes, brownies, cookies, milk, ice creams, and bam! With no extra efforts, it all starts tasting delicious. Does that remind you how badly you want to eat a piece of chocolate cake right now? Wait no more, get cake delivery


But did you ever wondered how stars manage to control their cravings? Because they don't. Celebrities are dessert lovers just like you and me. Sure, they manage to pull off any red carpet looks and gives us fitness goals. They do work hard on their diets but do indulge in cheat diet now and then. After all, they are humans like us, so at times they too fall in prey to temptations and food cravings.

List of stars you will find dangling on the dessert table.


Kylie Minogue

First on our list is Kylie Minogue. You must remember this stunning beauty from the song ‘chiggy wiggy’ from the Bollywood movie ‘Blue’. She stole many hearts with her special appearance. This Australian beauty admitted in an interview that she eats dark chocolate every single day when asked about her daily choccy habit. She added that indulgence and pleasure are an essential part of life for her. Can I please ask her where all that chocolate goes?


Blake Lively

Another gorgeous lady on the list is blake lively. I'm really thrilled to announce that this Hollywood beauty is a secret chocoholic. She loves this sweet stuff (chocolate) so much that she believes it actually boosts up her morale. She confessed that she can not start her day without a cup of chocolate milk or can't finish the day without munching a few squares of dark chocolates. “It's good for my mood,” she said. She thinks chocolate actually boosts up her esteem. She is a big fan of cupcakes too. Instagram is proof where she shared her picture with sprinkles and captioned it, "Why can’t I quit you?" we feel you blake.


Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez is an American pop singer. You must know her from the television series “Wizards of Waverly Place”. Remember she had us all drooling when she shared a photo of a giant chocolate cake that she received for her 22nd birthday. She captioned it “DUDE, the most incredible chocolate. Ever. And I like chocolate,” we too love chocolate, and we love you too Selena. I mean her obsession with chocolates is not hidden at all. In many Instagram videos and posts, she's seen eating chocolate donuts, chocolate corn, and whatnot. Chocolate is, not surprisingly, her favorite, She considers it as one of her “staple” foods for when she’s touring. Does that give you a sugar rush already?.


Audrey Hepburn


If you are a lover of classics, then you must know Audrey Hepburn from “ My fair lady”. She ruled the world for her fashion choices and distinctive looks. She had a slim body, but for your surprise, She ate chocolate every single day. And that too dark chocolate. Restricted to a bite or sometimes more, and She occupied a special drawer in the house where she would hide her chocolates, and it was forbidden for anyone to touch. It would upset her if someone ate it before her.  She was a big-time chocolate lover. Still, her slim body was the topic of interest in the world.

Kim Kardashian 

The reality star is not afraid to involve in indulgence. She uses her massive social media presence to show how much she loves sweet food. Kim gave crispy chocolate donuts a high honor calling them her favorite junk food in an interview. She exclaimed, “don’t tempt me, I’m doing good right now.” Snapchat even revealed that on her cheat nights, Kardashian hopped to the kitchen, and was seen experimenting by mixing some Oreos with few scoops of ice cream, blending them together to create her own treat. Now, we also want some Kim.


Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone rocks every look in Bollywood as well as Hollywood. She’s often seen following a strict gym and diet regime. Known for her slim body structure, but it comes as a shock that even this supremely gorgeous lady loves sugar! 


Well, yes, Deepika is a fan of desserts. Her cheat diet includes dishes like chocolate cakes, cookies, nankhatai, and brownies. She also loves baking. But the question is, even then how does she manage to look that fit?


Priyanka Chopra

Our desi girl, who has now turned into a global star slays in movies as well as awards. But what if I tell you that this diva really has a thing for chocolate which is quite evident now globally. When on a cheat diet, she never misses a chance to eat desserts like red velvet cake, hot chocolate fudge, jalebi, and cakes. Still, need a proof to believe that Our beloved star for sure has a sweet tooth?

Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez, this Srilankan beauty is very health conscious and often seen working out in her Instagram posts. She follows a strict diet and has an amazing flexible body. But she has cravings for cakes. And on a cheat day, she prefers to eat a Chocolate Cake, but that is sugar-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Such a health freak you are, jacky!  I wonder what a cake would taste without all these ingredients.


Conclusion: Now that you are aware of your favorite celebrities approved treats,  Does that makes you love chocolates even more? You have a great reason to stuff yourself with chocolate now. I know you are already drooling over chocolates and cakes, order cake online in Bhopal through winni.


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