Hardwood Flooring – Tips To Maintain It in Good Condition

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Hardwood floors for a good reason, popular with homeowners. They are sleek, moist and long-lasting and last many decades. They add value to the houses, besides that. In fact, they are easy to maintain comparison with the wall to wall floorings. Given these features they will lose their charm if they aren't well maintained after hardwood floor installation in Mission Hills KS. It is a good thing that you can keep your hardwood floor in good shape and look lustrous with the basic cleaning routines. Here, we have mentioned a few tips maintain your hardwood flooring in good condition.

Protecting the woods

A good Hardwood finish leaves the wood secure from gentle scratching but the wood must be secure from liquids. Damage to the wood is hard unless it is caused by liquids or big scratches. To do so efficiently, after hardwood floor installation in Mission Hills KS stop spills and clean them straight away when they occur. Also do use a wet mop to clean the hardwood floor. Often use cleaners, which are specially designed to clean hardwood floors, other items may be harsh and include additives that can fade the hardwood finish. Never use a steam mop or carpet cleaning machine when washing hardwood floors, since it can expose the wood to liquids.

Cleaning appropriately

Longer the food, liquids, stains and other toxins remain on the floor they get stuck on the surface. The floor needs to be frequently and thoroughly washed either before waxing or polishing. First, sweep or vacuum out any dust and debris from the floor, then use a wet mop and a professional hardwood floor cleaner. Additionally, a dish soap and water solution, or vinegar and water may be used to eliminate any stains on the surface. Then, just wet mop with water to remove any traces of soap or vinegar and then dry it absolutely

Polishing or Waxing

Your floor would require daily polishing or waxing of different items made from hardwood. It should be noted that using the wrong wax or polish can dull or damage the hardwood finish. If the floor has a waterproof protective finish then you can polish it while waxing floors with penetrating finishes. Check with the supplier therefore to see if your hardwood floor is surfacing. Offer it an hour or two or longer after polishing, before allowing the room to be used again. For waxing a hardwood floor make sure you use the manufacturer's approved wax and a microfiber cleaning pad first. Simply add the wax uniformly to your floor and allow it to dry for some hours.

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The author of this article has been working in a company that offers hardwood floor installation in Mission Hills KS. In this article, he has mentioned a few tips to maintain your hardwood flooring in good condition. Visit https://expresshardwoodfloorsks.com

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