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Biography All Star Carpet and Tiles is a leading flooring store and contractor company with more than 12 years of experience in Florida. Our products include Laminate, Hardwood, Granite, and Cabinet. We install all types of flooring in Port Saint Lucie,Stuart, Palm City, Lakewood Park, Jensen Beach, Fort Pierce, Hutchinson Island, Hobe Sound, and Vero Beach, Florida. We are a team of professionals who quickly install flooring at your home with all the possible outcomes and less damage.
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Beyond Storage: Innovative Kitchen Cabinet Trends in Port St. Lucie of 2024

Upgrading your kitchen and need some new cupboards? Or maybe you're just looking for a style refresh and wondering: Where should I get kitchen cabinets installed near me? We've got the scoop on the latest trends that'll make your kitchen in 2024 not just a place to cook but a style haven, too!   Trendy green cabinets   One of the hottest trends right now is green kitchen cabinets. They bring a pop of color and a breath of fresh nature into your home. And guess what? They come in all shades! From olive to mint, green cabinets add personality and energy to your kitchen.   Smart cabinets for smart kitchens   Technology is everywhere—even in kitchen storage. Imagine a cabinet that opens with a simple touch or lighting that turns on automatically when you reach in. Getting custom kitchen cabinets installed near youwith these high-tech features isn't just cool—it's like having a helping hand while you cook and bake.   Sleek minimalist ... Continue reading →

Revitalizing Kitchens for 2024: Finding the Best 'Kitchen Cabinets Installed Near Me

Upgrading or refreshing your kitchen often centers around choosing the right cabinets. While selecting the perfect design is crucial, it's equally important to focus on professional installation. A skilled installer not only ensures the safety and durability of your kitchen cabinets but also enhances the overall value of your home. How do I find kitchen cabinets installed near me? Finding a professional installer is key to a successful kitchen makeover. These experts not only ensure a flawless installation but can also offer custom cabinet designs tailored to your needs. Look for experienced professionals with a solid reputation in your area. Companies that specialize in both flooring and cabinetry are often a good choice. How do I know if I’m hiring the right kitchen cabinet maker and installer? A reputable cabinet maker and installer will tailor their services to your specific needs, considering factors like room size, kitchen functionality, color schemes, and other ... Continue reading →

The Ultimate Guide to Vinyl Flooring in Port St. Lucie: Trends, Tips, and Installation Insights

Updating your home's interior can be as simple as changing the flooring. In Port St. Lucie, vinyl flooring is a top choice among homeowners who appreciate quality and style. When installed by professionals, this flooring ensures durability and remains a focal point in any home for years. It's not just about practicality. Vinyl flooring in Port St. Lucie also brings a trendy flair, making your home a topic of conversation for guests. If the thought of installing vinyl flooring seems complex and overwhelming, this guide will simplify the process. Read on to learn about the latest trends and gain valuable tips from installation experts. Latest trends in vinyl flooring Vinyl flooring now offers more than just the classic wood designs. Here’s what’s trending: Sun-washed colors - For a relaxed and elegant ambiance, choose light tans, honey blondes, mid-tone greiges, and modern grays. These shades blend seamlessly with both beach-chic and rustic interiors. Earthy wood ... Continue reading →

The Foundation of Elegance: Flooring Installation in Port St. Lucie

Have you decided to renovate your home in Port St. Lucie? Perhaps you've picked out the perfect color palette, furniture, and decor pieces to bring your vision to life. But have you thought about your flooring? No room is complete without a proper flooring installation that ties everything together.   On the surface, it might appear straightforward—select your preferred flooring material and hire a professional to install it, right? But there's more to it. The truth is that flooring can make or break the overall look and feel of a space. It's not solely about the visual appeal but also the practicality and long-lasting nature of the flooring installation.   How can you maintain the balance between style and practicality when it comes to flooring installation in Port St. Lucie, FL? Here are the dos and don’ts to keep in mind:   Do your research. Take the time to research different types of flooring materials, their pros and cons, and which ones ... Continue reading →

Finding the perfect flooring for your home in Port St. Lucie is just the beginning of your renovation journey. The next crucial step is identifying the right installers to bring your vision to life. With a variety of materials, styles, and finishes to choose from, professional installers can transform your space and ensure every detail aligns with your tastes and requirements.   Expertise When selecting flooring installers in Port St. Lucie, it is essential to prioritize their level of expertise. This includes their proficiency in working with various flooring materials, their knowledge of installation techniques, and their capacity to provide valuable maintenance advice. An experienced team will be able to assess your space's specific requirements, suggest the best flooring options, and carry out the installation flawlessly, guaranteeing both durability and aesthetic appeal.   Quality craftsmanship   High-quality craftsmanship is another critical factor to consider. ... Continue reading →

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the plethora of flooring options in Port St. Lucie? Do you wish there was a simple, comprehensive guide that could help you navigate this crucial aspect of home transformation? We understand your struggle. Choosing the perfect flooring for your home can be daunting, given the multitude of materials, designs, and trends. Here are some tips and insights into the latest trends in quality flooring in Port St. Lucie to start you off on the right foot.     Embracing contemporary flooring trends   In the dynamic flooring world, lighter and brighter wood finishes are making a significant impact. These finishes give your space an open, airy feel while adding a touch of elegance. Another trend gaining traction is maximalist installation - this involves using bold patterns and eye-catching designs to transform your floors into a statement piece.   Playing with patterns and colors is also becoming increasingly popular. Experimenting with ... Continue reading →

Kitchen cabinet installation is a vital step in any renovation project. But homeowners may inadvertently make expensive errors that can negatively affect both the functionality and appearance of their kitchen. This is why it’s essential to be aware of the common pitfalls associated with kitchen cabinet installation in order to prevent them. In this blog post, we will explore the three common mistakes homeowners make when installing kitchen cabinets and provide tips on how to avoid them. By the end of this post, you will have the necessary information to ensure a successful installation.   Mistake #1: Incorrect dimensions   It can be tempting to opt for stock sizes for convenience, but you might regret this in the long run. Ensure that the cabinets' dimensions are a perfect fit for your kitchen's unique layout. Taking precise measurements can help you determine which cabinet sizes will fit precisely and avoid any unnecessary difficulties during the installation. ... Continue reading →



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