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by Blitz Glass on Jun 15, 2020

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While looking to decorate the backyard and such of your house, look at the topmost perks that are related to the Aluminium privacy screens. These perks are: Get due protection from unwanted corrosion and rust  Aluminium privacy screens sold by the top-class architects in Sunshine Coast offer much-needed protection from unwanted corrosion and rust.  That’s possible because Aluminium is one of the strongest metals. Thus, you will find no reaction on the surface of these privacy screens while coming in contact with water or oxygen. Apart from that, there’s always an extra cost over these Aluminium privacy screens, ensuring the extra protection from other various elements in the air ultimately.  These screens are highly durable and workable for years down the line When you are contacting professionals in Sunshine Coast for the Aluminium privacy screens, note that you will get only those screens which are highly durable. By that, we mean to say that these screens ... Continue reading →

by Blitz Glass on Mar 6, 2020

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To have your very own swimming pool at home is an experience in itself and ensuring safety and absolute protection around it could be a little tricky. It is a legal requirement in Australia to have a fence that sticks to the specifications set by the government, around your pool. Glass fencing provides a seamless, clean look to your backyard and at the same time provide a safe surrounding while creating a fantastic aesthetic. There are mainly two types of glass pool fencing that is, frameless and semi-frameless. High quality 12mm tempered glasses are used for frameless pool fencing and are sourced for durability and easy maintenance. Installing glass pool fences Before you start to make sure you check the site attachment points, choose the kind of fence that will go with your entire home or backyard and lastly, all your tools and components and make sure your posts are 400x400x400mm foot and 100mm thick. These are the following steps to install a glass pool fencing: Take flat drivers ... Continue reading →

by Blitz Glass on Dec 17, 2019

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Did you know that the privacy fence screen works as a barrier between the courtyards? The main purpose of buying screens that provide privacy is blocking public view for parts of your house. Privacy screens are pretty simple to install and there are professional companies offering their services for installing such privacy screens out of various types of materials in different styles and colours. High quality privacy screens are very durable and they will last for many years to come. There are different kinds of screens available however you'll need to purchase them based on your requirements. A privacy screen also gives you a sense of security anytime of the day or night. Many companies offer custom-made screens or standard sized ones to meet consumer's requirements. There are significant benefits of screens designed & patented system with product made in Australia. Privacy slat screening is a dynamic aluminium screening and shading solution. Slat screening systems offer ... Continue reading →

by Blitz Glass on Nov 1, 2019

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If you enjoy being outdoors especially during the summer there are screens that can protect your privacy. With beautifully created screens for the outdoors you will find it as a great way to enhance and decorate your pool area as well as patio, giving you some privacy and comfort. You can purchase privacy screens from a well-known supplier as there are definite rewards of buying quality and affordable product. Installing them is not difficult but you can choose a supplier who offers to install them for you in case you demand. There are several different manufacturers and suppliers offering you outdoor privacy screens that can be installed on your own or one can buy ready-made screens. Privacy screen is available for both indoors and outdoors areas as they are increasing used in the patio or in the garden in order to provide some privacy to your homes. Besides providing privacy they also beautify the home and garden. Many types of screens are used besides the dream properties in order ... Continue reading →

by Blitz Glass on Oct 4, 2019

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According to pool safety experts it is likely that pool users and young children especially are vulnerable to serious and even deadly accidents when near residential, in-ground swimming pools. Therefore, it is legislated and highly recommended that the use of swimming pool safety fencing is well installed. While there are numerous products related to safety swimming pool safety one of the pool fencing products that ensures constant, around the clock protection is pool fencing. Today there are numerous types of fences available for in-ground pools, including aluminium, chain link, glass, mesh, vinyl, wood and wrought iron.  Amongst all the options available, glass pool panels stands out as the best for numerous reasons. First and foremost reason to install glass panels is element of safety. Since this is the principle function of any swimming pool safety fence glass comes across as very durable and can easily stop a young child from getting through. Glass pool panels are custom ... Continue reading →

by Blitz Glass on Sep 3, 2019

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Balustrades are extremely stylish and great looking functional accessories and these are something perfect to replace most of your railings and walls. Balustrading looks very elegant and is used in architecture for a long time – as it can lend your property an air of sophistication at any location by having balustrades. Stainless steel glass balustrade wire can help you to make sturdy balustrading that will look great in any home or any business.  Stainless and Glass Balustrade provide character to staircases, balconies and a whole lot more. This decorative railing is made out of a number of materials such as wood, metal and glass, but one of the most popular options today is stainless steel balustrades. The shine of the chromium provides a glow that many other materials can't manage. It is pleasing to the eye, as well as superiorly strong and easy to maintain. It is smooth to touch and is resistant to rust and corrosion.  Balustrades are essentially created as ... Continue reading →

by Blitz Glass on Jul 31, 2019

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According to the statistics laid out by worldwide safety authorities, kids are more prone to the injuries and even deaths at swimming pools that are not well secured. Drowning is the main cause of death for children under the age of 14 and what’s more disheartening about this fact is that many of these deaths occurred in their own back yards. Therefore, as a homeowner, while getting a pool installed, it is very important to make sure that your swimming pool is safe all the time and pool fencing is a great and most ideal way to ensure your safety. Having a pool fencing will prevent you from accidental deaths caused by drowning especially among children. Today, there are various types of materials available that you can choose for your pool fencing, but if you want one that will not only give you great value for your money but also improve the appearance and value of your home, then choosing glass pool fencing is a right option. Blitz Glass is one of the leading and most reputable ... Continue reading →

Importance & Effective Benefits Of Using Frameless Glass Panels For Your Home

by Blitz Glass on Jul 2, 2019

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Today, frameless and semi-frameless glass balustrades are very popular in interior design and modern architecture. Having glass balustrades or panels for an elevated area such as pools, balconies, staircases etc. You'll get to enjoy a space illusion, transparent border which creates and fresh, open and more expansive atmosphere. Installing Frameless Glass Panels are ideal for modern interiors as they have the ability to add a touch of beauty and modern sophistication to any building either interior or exterior that is fitted in. When you plan to sell your house, having installed this type of house beautification will attract so many buyers and will help you to get a good amount of money during resale. One of the main reason why glass balustrades are very popular among homeowners is that they have the benefit of not blocking the light in a building. Frameless glass panels allow for light to shine through, serving to create a more open, pleasant airy feel while indoors by enhancing ... Continue reading →

Best Company That Provides High-Quality Pool Fencing Products At Reasonable Prices

by Blitz Glass on Jun 4, 2019

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According to the number of surveys, it is estimated that more than 50% of drowning accidents in the pool occurred due to the absence of any barrier or demarcation of the pool area. We all knew that many children love to play outdoors in the back yard and while having fun there is a possibility to forget about the pool in their yard resulting in some serious accidents. This is the reason governments in many countries have mandated to have a fence or barricade of some sort around a swimming pool. Today, with the advancement in the latest innovations, there are many types of beautiful fences available that helps to safeguard children and pets or any guests who may not be aware of the existence of a swimming pool. For instance, many homeowners prefer to get iron, aluminium or wooden fencing installed on their residential property. However, if you want a pool fence that can showcase the beauty of your pool and landscape then you should prefer glass pool fences. There are two types of glass ... Continue reading →


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