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Biography Sewing is a craft that requires specific types of thread to get the job done right. Coats offers different types of thread, and learning which one works best for different sewing tasks is crucial. Brush up your wardrobe with Coats thread, which is the most fashionable, durable, and affordable thread on the market. They provide some of the best sewing threads in the world, including premium polyester and fiber optics yarns.
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Thread vs String: Do These Mean the Same?

by Coats Group on Oct 26, 2023



Strings and threads are available in a variety of types, each designed to meet specific needs across diverse applications. By understanding the subtle differences between strings and thread, you can more easily select the right material for your project and ensure not only durability but also the attractiveness and reliability of your finished products. This guide aims to demystify these distinctions, helping you make informed choices for your manufacturing needs. What are strings and threads? Starting with their definitions helps to distinguish strings and threads. A thread is a thin, flexible material primarily used for stitching fabrics together. Threads come in various materials such as nylon, cotton, or polyester, each with specific properties to address issues like fraying or thread untwisting. For instance, Coats Nymo is a lightly bonded nylon thread that prevents these common issues. In contrast, string is a thin type of rope or cord made from various materials like nylon, ... Continue reading →

Types of Fabric for Shoes

by Coats Group on Sep 28, 2023



The choice of fabric plays a significant role in the quality and functionality of footwear. Recognising this, Coats provides highly engineered fabric for shoes, along with compatible sewing threads. After the acquisition of Rhenoflex and Texon, Coats now boasts a comprehensive range of components catering to the footwear industry. Let’s explore some of the specialised fabrics they offer for shoes.   Rhenoprint   A part of the Rhenoflex line, Rhenoprint is a cutting-edge reinforcement fabric for shoes. It is noteworthy for its 100% waste-free production, which not only minimises environmental impact but also allows for high customisation. Depending on customer needs, Rhenoprint can be tailored to specific hardness levels, shapes, and thicknesses while reducing the need for additional trimming or die-cutting.   ProWeave   ProWeave is a high-performance jacquard fabric for shoes designed with technical apparel in mind. It melds functional weaving with creative ... Continue reading →

3 Uses of Water-Soluble Thread

by Coats Group on Aug 25, 2023



Temporary stitching plays a vital role in the production of various items, including quilts, footwear, woven and knitted garments, and denim. In traditional methods, these temporary stitches must be manually taken out after the product is sewn properly. This removal process is labour-intensive and consumes significant time. However, there is now a more efficient alternative: using a water-soluble thread like Coats Aquamelt. It is 100% water-soluble, so it dissolves when sprayed with or immersed in warm water, making it a great alternative to regular sewing threads when temporary stitching is required.   Better than tacking and basting threads   Aquamelt is a staple-spun polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) thread that can completely replace conventional tacking or basting threads for apparel, accessories, and footwear manufacturing. It eliminates the need to manually remove temporary stitches, saving costly operation and time and preventing fabric damage. Manufacturers don’t have ... Continue reading →

Know the Different Types of Dual Duty Thread

by Coats Group on Jul 27, 2023



Denim wear and jeans manufacturing require a special type of thread that can withstand the most demanding applications. That’s where the Coats Dual Duty thread excels. It’s a quality core-spun thread with a natural cotton cover and a high-tenacity polyester filament core. These features also add outstanding wash-down characteristics to the thread while ensuring protection from needle heat. Additionally, the polyester filament core makes it easier to use finer thread to enhance seam appearance without sacrificing seam strength.   Coats offer a good selection of Dual Duty threads to suit a wide range of applications, including classic denim wear, heavy-duty cargo trousers, outdoor wear, home furnishings, and towels. Some variants even provide a natural and soft feel to the seams of premium lingerie and cotton fabrics. Here are the variants of the Dual Duty thread:   Dual Duty AWF Water resistance is one of the top qualities of Coats Dual Duty AWF, ... Continue reading →

Breathing New Life into Used Outdoor Gear with Rugged Thread

by Coats Group on Jun 27, 2023



When it comes to repairing outdoor gear, it’s not enough to simply rely on standard polyester threads. You need rugged threads that can keep up with the demands of outdoor adventures.   Coats Epic Rugged thread is a high-performance 100% polyester sewing thread designed for high-performance garments and outdoor gear. Through improved manufacturing techniques, Coats has successfully developed Rugged to meet various requirements, including increased productivity for sewing production lines and enhanced performance. Moreover, this product is capable of enduring thread damage and denim wash processes without easily breaking. It remains durable even when subjected to industrial washing, making it ideal for garments that go through rigorous cleaning procedures.   The best rugged threads in the market   When you think of a rugged thread, you probably imagine a kind of thread that is so robust and reliable that it’s capable of enduring demanding and ... Continue reading →

The Power of an Epic Thread

by Coats Group on May 4, 2023



Choosing a versatile polyester thread can save you time and money while ensuring a consistent finish when manufacturing any product involving high-performance materials, tough denim, or delicate silks. One of the best choices is the Epic thread from Coats.   Epic is a polyester corespun thread trusted by leading manufacturers and brands worldwide for many applications. Because of its versatility, it ensures clean seams and excellent stitching while improving the performance and productivity of your sewing production line. The reason for its outstanding performance is Coats’ use of a specially formulated lubricant to finish the thread. This feature delivers exceptional sewing performance in the most demanding conditions, even at low tension.   A strong, reliable thread   Epic thread is engineered with precision to provide durability and strength for any use. It is a reliable thread that can increase productivity and reduce the need for repairs. ... Continue reading →

What Thread Do You Use for Buttons?

by Coats Group on Apr 1, 2023



To ensure that buttons stay securely attached and do not snap or become undone after prolonged use and washing, it's crucial to select a durable and long-lasting button thread. Coats provides a comprehensive range of high-quality button threads that cater to different requirements and applications, like knitwear, leisurewear, babywear, and household textiles. It also offers a range of button thread options for sportswear, blouses, dress slacks, jackets, uniforms, jeans, workwear, leather articles, and undergarments.   The question is, which button thread should you choose for your products? Here are some tips and suggestions.   General tips   Polyester often trumps most options because it’s the strongest and boasts a high tensile strength. That means polyester button thread can hold many buttonholes without unravelling or breaking.   Bonded three-ply nylon threads are great if you want a higher strength-to-weight ratio that can reduce ... Continue reading →

Some Important Facts About Making Your Products with Polyester Yarns

by Coats Group on Apr 1, 2023



Polyester is a versatile and popular polymer that has a wide range of industrial applications, particularly in the textile and clothing industry. The material is valued for its exceptional durability and robustness, which makes it an ideal choice for use in high-stress applications. Polyester yarns are also essential components in a variety of other industries—including footwear, aeronautics, aviation, and medical—where they are prized for their strength, abrasion resistance, and dimensional stability. Choosing the right type of polyester yarn is critical for ensuring optimal performance in these diverse applications. By sourcing high-quality polyester yarns from trusted suppliers such as Coats, you can be confident that your products will meet the rigorous demands of your industry and perform to the highest standards.   At Coats, you can discover every suitable polyester yarn for any purpose, whether for manufacturing upholstery, car tires, coated fabrics, bottles, ... Continue reading →

Coloured Thread: The Best Choice for the Art

by Coats Group on Apr 1, 2023



Ensuring that your designs remain vibrant and long-lasting requires a thoughtful selection of high-quality, durable, and colourfast coloured threads. To achieve this, it is crucial to carefully consider the properties of the coloured threads you choose. Thread quality and composition can impact the longevity and vibrancy of the final product. Coats, a leading provider of coloured thread solutions, offers a comprehensive range of options for various purposes and design requirements.   Coats is a one-stop source for decorative sewing threads that are perfect for embroidery and decorative stitching. We offer attractive and colourful threads in a range of finishes and substrates to meet your exact requirements. With coloured threads from Coats, you can ensure that your designs withstand wear and tear, washing, and exposure to various environmental factors while maintaining their aesthetic appeal. Investing in high-quality coloured threads can improve the durability and longevity of ... Continue reading →



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