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All it takes is just a knock of misfortune, and your car's windshield is broken. Even the small stones carried away by the force of the wind can scratch your windscreen. Windscreens are one critical part of modern vehicles. Gone are the days when windshields were considered just as a piece of glass that lets the driver see the road. Advancements in technology have pushed things forward. And now, there is more than one function to the windscreen. Importance of Car Windscreen Replacement: Most of us often overlook the small scratches in the windscreen. Your car may be safe to drive with cracks in its windscreen for a few days, but not forever! The minute cracks develop in size and the more significant problems it can cause. Most importantly, the windscreen plays a role in maintaining the structural integrity of the car. If the windscreen is chipped or has a crack, it runs the risk of compromising the integrity of the roof in a rollover accident. To avoid such instances, it is always ... Continue reading →

by Sam Lampasona on Feb 26, 2020



A damaged windshield is a serious safety issue! It is not just a piece of glass that adds good looks to your car. Instead, it is an important component of your vehicle, and the chips or cracks on it could compromise on your safety. If your windscreen is damaged, be it a small chip or crack, take it immediately to a professional who offers windshield crack repair Sydney rather than attempting a DIY. Why get a professional help for windscreen replacement Sydney? Since the windshield plays an integral in your vehicle, it is important to opt for an immediate corrective action when damaged. This corrective measurement that you take should be a trustworthy one. Though there are many DIY solutions to fix your windscreen repair, it usually does more harm than good. Yes, with DIYs you could even turn a minor chip repair into a major problem, ending up spending more on your bills. This is why it is good to seek a professional solution from the specialists in car windscreen ... Continue reading →

by Sam Lampasona on Jan 10, 2020



The car windscreen is an integral part of your vehicle. Due to lack of awareness of the importance of a strong windscreen, people willingly invite harm upon their loved ones and themselves by driving around with a cracked or chipped windscreen. A robust windscreen is a must for maintaining the structural integrity of the car, whereas a cracked windscreen can put you and your passengers in the way of harm. How important is the Windscreen for the Car? If unfortunately, your vehicle meets with an accident, windscreen absorbs the impact preventing the occupants from being thrown out of the car. A cracked or damaged windscreen cannot sustain such high levels of pressure and may crumble, leading to a fatal accident. After understanding the role of the windscreen in safety, and maintenance, many people head over to professional windscreen replacement Sydney to fix their broken windscreen. Nevertheless, car windscreen replacement is quite a complex process that should not be left to ... Continue reading →

Why should your Windscreen Cracks Fixed at the Earliest?

by Sam Lampasona on Nov 29, 2019



Most of us will have been there before. We drive happily when suddenly a stone or rock jumps and cracks the windscreen. Initially, you might be worried, but it's not long before we ignore it completely. However, putting off these cracks will make things get worse for us. The chip might not bother you right away, but at any time, it can spider web into a larger and serious problem. Here we have explained why driving with a cracked windscreen is unsafe and why you should not wait to get car glass repair Sydney. Hinder Driver's View: First of all, a crack in the windscreen can abstract the field of vision when you are driving. You don't have to be a genius to understand that something obstructing your vision on the road is a distraction. Why take a risk that might lead to a potentially fatal consequence that could come from a cracked or chipped windshield impending your vision? Worrying about the cost? The windscreen repair cost is nothing compared to the loss an ... Continue reading →

When should you replace your Car Windscreen?

by Sam Lampasona on Nov 21, 2019



The windscreen is regarded as the vehicle's number one safety restraint. It serves as a layer of protection, keeping you inside the car and other things outside. Car windscreen is made of two layers of glasses that are born together by lamination or a layer of strong vinyl. If the windscreen breaks somewhere, the windscreen will hold the glass in place, protecting it from shattering that can harm the passengers in the car. Considering how vital windscreens are for a vehicle, you should never think of compromising on those parts. When should I get a windscreen replacement Sydney? A few years back, a damaged windscreen should be replaced immediately, but not now. Thanks to the advancement of techniques and technologies, it is now possible to repair the windscreen instead of outright replacement. However, windscreen replacement depends on three factors severity, location, and size of the damage. Location: The cracks located at the edge of the windscreen can spread quickly and ... Continue reading →

by Sam Lampasona on Aug 28, 2019



  Can I drive a car with a cracked windshield? The best choice is to fix it right away! A damaged windshield should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible with the help of professionals. Driving around with a cracked windshield is never a good idea, be it for a long, or even short, period. If you do so, your car windshields will be weakened by damage and lead issues in the future. So, calls for either professional repair or a replacement piece of glass to guarantee your safety.  Why is it Not Safe to Drive with a Cracked Windshield?  Even a small rock chip in your auto glass can start to grow as you keep on driving. Worse, if debris, heavy rain or anything else hits a crack in your windshield, it could break wide open. So, it is not safe to drive with a crack in your windshield. As you know a crack on your windshield can be a nuisance to take care of. Get it to pull over and consult an expert for car glass repair in Sydney sooner could save you from more ... Continue reading →

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  It’s just a stoke of misfortune, and your car Windscreen can get damaged! Stray stones thrown are the major cause of broken windscreen. It seems to be small, but it turns big if you left inattention. It ends up cost a bomb for replacing the windscreen. To have a cheap car windscreen replacement in Sydney, consider having windscreen replacement Sydney as soon as possible once your crack windscreen at a trustworthy auto glass repair service provider.  Why Should You Not Ignore The windscreen Cracks?  Usually, some drivers and individuals often neglect the windscreen cracks. As a result, it increases the size of the crack and leads to more significant problems in the future. To avoid such issue, it a wise option to have car windscreen replacement in Sydney sooner once your car windscreen got a crack.  Accessing a car windscreen replacement  Unlike more minor repairs, a windscreen replacement can’t be delayed if you want to use the ... Continue reading →

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  Car windscreens do much more than act as protection from the wind and the rain - a clear and undamaged windscreen is vital for good vision. So, the windshield of your vehicle needs to be kept in good condition. Even minor scratches and small chips can cause problems. If your car windscreen cracked, it makes it difficult for the driver to see approaching traffic and other road hazards. Even, you can get pulled over by a cop and get ticketed for driving with a damaged windshield.  So, if your car's windshield gets damaged, it is best to go immediately to an auto glass repair shop for car glass repair in Sydney. Also, it is a wise choice to der contact the auto glass repair shop that offers mobile windshield repair service. So, in dangerous driving cases, it will be beneficial.  Now, how to find out whether the windshield needs to be replaced or if it can be repaired? There are some ways to find out! Continue reading to learn more.  Examine the Damage  ... Continue reading →

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  Did you know? A French chemist, Edouard Benedictus invented shatter-resistant glass in the 20th century, and the earlier versions were made of ordinary glasses, which shattered easily.  A windscreen is one of those things that people who own a car takes for granted. A windscreen that is in perfect condition is never remarked on, but as soon as a crack or chip appears, a windshield repair Sydney is needed. So maintaining your windscreen is so vital to prevent windscreen replacement Sydney. Keeping your car windscreen away from dirt, aids a safe driving as they can hinder the driver’s vision. Also, a clean, sparkling window will make your car look great. This article gives you a few simple steps to clean for ensuring a pristine windscreen.  Importance of Cleaning Windscreens  Even though car windscreen cleaning is a simple car-care task, it safeguards your life while driving by providing good visibility on the roads. The following are the ... Continue reading →

by Sam Lampasona on Mar 15, 2019



  From changing the batteries to engine oil, owning a car can be sometimes stressful. One of the most common car repairs that most of the car owners encounter is a crack or chip on the car glass, and it can be a costly affair to deal with. A windscreen is the crucial element of a vehicle as it is the most essential safety attribute that allows driving safely.  A small chip or crack on the windscreen can turn into major cracks and weakens the windshield overtime without warning. To ensure that the windscreen is not damaged further, it is advisable to approach a car glass expert who is specialised in windscreen replacement in Sydney. The car glass specialist will implement various methods that are specifically designed to add strength and stability to the windscreen. They apply state-of-the-art compound that bonds with your existing windscreen to repair and fix the chip or crack. This is one of the reasons why you should approach an auto glass technician when it comes ... Continue reading →

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  A study reveals that approximately one million windscreens are being replaced in Australia every year. This shows that most of the Australians are aware of the safety issues related to the windscreens. Windshield absorbs the shock during an accident and helps to release the airbags, thus protecting the passenger in it. So, such an essential part of a car should be maintained properly. If you find any issues with the windscreen, go for the windscreen replacement Sydney as early as possible.  Even change of season impacts your car’s windscreen, especially, during the winter, the icy snows damages your windscreen as the glass is susceptible to the temperature changes. Your safety will be at higher risk if your windshield has cracks present already. This article is all about the maintenance tips to your car’s windscreen during winter.  Impacts of Ignoring Your Car’s Windscreen Maintenance  - The front seat passengers will be ... Continue reading →


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