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The food industry is one of the lively and most active sectors. Producers of confectionery products, bread, meat, etc. should have well-defined cleaning and sanitising protocols to meet food safety and hygiene compliance. People trust familiar brands. Your consumers have put their faith in you and your brand. They believe that if it is on the shelf, it is safe to eat. Anything less, even if it is just a scare, it will never be forgotten. It can also end up destroying your business. Remember, the quality of food products depends on how well the tools and equipment are cleaned and sanitised in the food plant. Why is Professional food plant cleaning important? Cleaning Standards: Any industry or plant that deals with food and beverage products is subjected to rigorous standards of health and safety. The equipment, raw materials, and staff should adhere to the highest safety standards to minimise possible contamination. Complete Sanitation: When it comes to industrial ... Continue reading →

by Simone M on Mar 3, 2020



During the inspection of food businesses, the cleanliness of the equipment, utensils, and the rooms will be considered in assessing hygiene. To ensure the safety of the food products, the equipment and surfaces must be both visually clean and free from harmful germs. Besides, a clean environment is of primary importance for smooth operations. However, this cannot be easily accomplished. Your workers should first understand the importance of cleaning, and then they should learn how to clean each surface, the type of cleaning solution to use, and which method to apply for each surface. It requires expertise to clean thein food industry effectively. This is where professional industrial cleaners come in. They know the processes of cleaning, and will use specialised cleaning equipment and solutions to clean and sanitise the plant effectively. Steps involved in Cleaning and Sanitising in the Food Industry: - Pre-cleaning: to remove the excess food waste sticking on to the surface of ... Continue reading →

by Simone M on Mar 2, 2020



Keeping the food facility clean and neat is actually even more important than the food itself. Facility managers should implement and follow proper cleaning and sanitising procedures to prevent foodborne illness and cross-contamination. According to a study conducted by the World Health Organisation, “about 600 million people die annually due to foodborne diseases.” Apart from the risks to personal health, businesses can suffer severe consequences from food safety-related issues. Causes of foodborne illness Foodborne illness occurs when foreign subjects contaminate food products. Foodborne pathogens are the major cause of cross-contamination and foodborne illness. Apart from this foodborne illness can be cause by - Contaminants - Food allergies - Improper food handling practices Food contaminants can be:- - Chemical agents - cleaning agents or pesticides - Biological agents - microbes and pathogens introduced from unsanitary work surfaces, infected workers, and ... Continue reading →

by Simone M on Feb 28, 2020



The FDA, OSHA, and even insurance companies can levy hefty penalties on companies that fail to keep their employees and food safe. The biggest challenge the food processing facilities experience is the amount of cleaning that needs to be done. Industrial cleaning requires different cleaning requirements, and it differs from one facility to the other. One of the best ways to meet compliance requirements to ensure both food and worker safety is to take a holistic view of industrial cleaning processes. So, what steps can you take to keep your food processing unit clean? Cultivate a clean culture Maintaining a clean facility is not just your job. Yes, it is the job of everyone who walks through the doors, no matter they are in the office or work on the factory. Of course, professional industrial floor cleaner can help you keep your facility clean, but you should work together to keep the facility clean and free from germs. The first step you need to take to keep your ... Continue reading →

by Simone M on Feb 25, 2020



“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” - Benjamin Franklin. Have you heard of this saying? It is true in many arenas. Specifically, when talking about cleaning and sanitation in the food industry, a minimal investment could protect your brand and save millions, not to mention ensure the safety of your customers who consume the beverages and food processed in your facilities. Even though there are some standard industrial cleaning and sanitation requirements in the food industry going above and beyond those can help prevent costly outbreaks. Employing the cleaning and sanitation team and best practices will protect your customers, your products, and also your business. Here are a few practices to follow. Engage all Personnel: Even though you have hired a team for cleaning and sanitizing, maintaining the quality of the products is everybody’s job. Even the workers who don't participate in the sanitation process should be aware of the importance ... Continue reading →

by Simone M on Feb 24, 2020



Periodic cleaning and sanitation, including the disinfection of meat plant equipment and premises, is an integral part of good hygienic practices. Cleaning can even be said as one of the vital activities in a meat plant. Cleaning and sanitizing measures offer the necessary environment for not only meat processing but also handling. Most often, efficient meat plant cleaning is neglected because it requires extra work. Nevertheless, failure in maintaining proper hygiene in plants can cause high financial losses in the long run. This is where professional cleaners come in. These professionals will handle the cleaning and sanitizing jobs that are becoming increasingly important now. How cleaning and sanitation in meat plants should be done? Here are a few common preconditions for efficient cleaning and sanitation. - The equipment and premises should be cleaning friendly: This means smooth surfaces, and adequate materials for building structures, easy access to all the ... Continue reading →

by Simone M on Nov 27, 2019



Cleaning companies come in many types and sizes. Nowadays many companies prefer to hire commercial cleaning companies for their cleaning needs rather than hiring a full-time janitor. Your cleaning company’s goal should be to provide the highest quality professional cleaning service at the best price. Quality, value and performance are the primary traits that a good cleaning company should offer. Here we have mentioned a few questions you need to ask while hiring the industrial cleaning company. How Do You Train Employees? One of the advantages of hiring cleaning companies is the quality of their staff. Ask how many hours are devoted to training new hires, the list of qualification of trainers, the training program, and the training material. Ideally, the material should include safety procedures, theories of cleaning, products and equipment, classroom training, training certification, and ongoing evaluations. How Long Have You Been In Business? Newly-formed cleaning ... Continue reading →

by Simone M on Sep 3, 2019



  No employee would appreciate working in an area that is not clean. An industrial setting needs to be kept clean and well maintained to make sure the products meet the standards of quality. When you hire a professional industrial cleaning service, your work environment would remain in the desired condition. Here’s why hiring industrial cleaning services is recommended:  Reduced Maintenance Cost:  When you have the assistance of a professional cleaning service, you don’t have to worry about exploring and purchasing the right cleaning supplies. The expert cleaners will already have all the right tools and equipment needed to keep your industrial setting clean and hygienic. Regular cleaning will help reduce your maintenance costs.  Knowledgeable and Experienced:  Hiring professional cleaners is suggested as they have great experience in handling industrial cleaning jobs. They are also certified and possess the right knowledge and ... Continue reading →

by Simone M on Sep 3, 2019



  Cleaning is not easy when it comes to the food industry. This is why getting the help of professional cleaners is indispensable. Any company or business that is a part of the food industry should attain acceptable standards of hygiene, and industrial cleaning services will help you with the same. Here are some of the reasons to hire cleaning services for the food industry:  Prevents Contamination:  We all know the problems that occur from contaminated food. With the help of cleaning services, the possibility of contamination can be prevented. Other problems that occur due to contamination include reduced product quality and health hazards. A professional industrial cleaning service will have all the tools and equipment to perform cleaning programs, thus ensuring the quality and safety of food products.  Avoids Infection:  Preventing the transfer of food-related pathogens is imperative. Different kinds of food differ in manufacturing ... Continue reading →


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