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Alternative Medicine


Generic Viagra is a generic medicament that is actively loaded with a therapeutic agent Sildenafil Citrate. This medicine will surely help you lead a more satisfactory love life if you are a sufferer of erectile dysfunction. Men with erectile dysfunction (ED) often struggle to achieve an erection during sexual foreplay. Millions of men face this sexual difficulty, and more are expected in the future due to the adaptation of unhealthy lifestyle habits. Older men are the common sufferers of ED due to aging, but younger adults having this sexual disorder is the most concerning factor. With ED, it is not easy for any man to enjoy his love life, because he repeatedly fails to satisfy his partner. Many intimate relationships are affected because of this debilitating sexual disorder. However, now, there is a solution to this sexual issue, thanks to the pharmacological fraternity. Generic Viagra is the right choice of medicine to overcome sexual difficulty like ED. It is the generic ... Continue reading →

by gregory lutan on Oct 17, 2019

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Erectile Dysfunction is a common male sexual disorder that has affected nearly millions of men across the globe. Older men are vulnerable to this sexual dysfunction, but younger men contracting it is the most concerning factor. Nevertheless, it can be treated with a powerful impotence medicine called Suhagra. It is considered as one of the best medicines for erectile dysfunction. An acute attack of poor erection is thought to be normal, but repeated attacks of listless erections suggest some underlying medical cause. The chief pathological reason behind such debility is vasoconstriction i.e. constriction of blood vessels that supply blood to the penile organ. Not enough amount of blood is filled in erectile arteries leading to a feeble erection. Consequently, there are few other potential causative factors responsible for sexual weakness, such as depression, stress, diabetes, hormonal changes, cardiovascular disease, etc. Whatever the underlying cause may be, Suhagra will look after ... Continue reading →

by gregory lutan on Aug 1, 2019

Alternative Medicine


Among various oral treatment options, Caverta is one of the common drugs used to treat the most disturbing sexual disorder known as erectile dysfunction. Caverta is known to be very effective and efficient to overcome ED by boosting blood flow in the penile organ. Caverta has helped millions of men by improving erectile function.   Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction is the most common sexual disability in men. In this condition, a man fails to attain and maintain a hard erection during sexual activity. This can affect a loving relationship and can create problems with your partner. A man can feel very disappointed and annoyed if he is dealing with impotency; it can impact on physical as well as on mental health. Besides treating ED Caverta helps to bring back a man’s confidence. Caverta is a hot-selling drug against ED and should be only taken if prescribed by a doctor. You should remember to take the recommended dose only, avert alteration in the dosage on your own. It is ... Continue reading →

by gregory lutan on Jul 19, 2019

Alternative Medicine


Lovegra is a female version of generic Viagra useful for treating female impotence. Sildenafil citrate is the active constituent present in Lovegra. Knowing a few things before taking it, will result in the safe and effective use of this medicine. Females can also experience sexual dysfunction like men. Females having impotence issues have problems with sexual arousal, have trouble achieving orgasm, and they suffer from pain during intercourse frequently. This does not allow a woman to obtain sexual satisfaction. Medicines such as Lovegra help women suffering from sexual impotence The following are a few things that one must be aware of before taking Lovegra. What is Lovegra exactly? It is a female generic version of Viagra and thus contains Sildenafil citrate, the same active constituent. It is available in the form of pink-colored oral pills. Do you need a prescription for purchasing this medication? Yes, you need a valid copy of doctor’s prescription to purchase this ... Continue reading →

How are Kamagra and Viagra different?

by gregory lutan on Jul 16, 2019

Alternative Medicine


Erectile dysfunction (ED) has become the common sexual disorder in men. Various medications such as Levitra, Viagra, Kamagra, Tadaga, Cialis, etc. are available for treating ED. Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis are branded medications, while Kamagra and Tadaga are generic medications. The only difference between the generic and branded medicines is cost. Erectile dysfunction (ED) has become a common sexual disorder in men. Medications are the popular choice of treatment for ED. Both branded and generic medicines are useful for treating ED. The various medications prescribed for treating erectile dysfunction include Levitra, Viagra, Kamagra, Tadaga and Cialis, etc. Levitra, Cialis, and Viagra are brands, while the other two are generic medicines. The following article will help to understand the difference between a branded medication like Viagra and generic medicine –Kamagra. Generic medicines are the exact copies of the brands. They have the same mechanism of action, intended uses, ... Continue reading →


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