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Leather Attire: “A simple leather jacket… has gotten me through cocktail parties in New York and cold nights in Afghanistan.” – Ronan Farrow With the coming of winter, the chilly air triggers layering up in multiple apparels. It is well known that leather clothing has an intrinsic property of giving you the appearance of being cool while keeping you toasty warm. Leather jackets are a staple item that is found in everyone’s wardrobe. They are a versatile layering piece and elevatethe simple combination of t-shirts and jeans. Whether you prefer the classic black hue or want to experiment with fall colors, leather attire is the way to go. A Brief History of Pilot Jackets: The majority of aircraft used in World War I did not have enclosed cockpits, therefore the pilot needed to wear appropriate clothing to stay warm. The Aviation Clothing Commission was formally constituted by the US Army in September 1917, and heavy-duty leather flight jackets were then ... Continue reading →

by Hazel Middleton on Apr 20, 2023



A bit about Bomber Coats and Biker Jackets As the fashion industry emerged, people started to express their uniqueness and thoughts through their style. Leather jackets have come to be synonymous with style and class.  Bomber jackets have a long history in the military. They were initially made for pilots as standard equipment. They were designed to be portable, strong, and useful. They were a crucial component of the air force uniform thanks to these qualities. Since then, they have developed into modern-day fashion icons. Easily recognize a bomber jacket through its classic style of elasticated or ribbed cuffs and waistline. The leather biker jackets for men provide a noticeable spark to your appearance that surrounds you with a confident aura. Biker jackets, also known as motorcycle jackets, automatically enhance your charm and elegance, causing people to turn their heads instantaneously. A leather jacket is undoubtedly a must-have, especially in the winter because of its ... Continue reading →

by Hazel Middleton on Mar 27, 2023



Leather Wear becomes ubiquitous The advent of the fashion world brought forth self-expression, political statements, and social standings exhibited through one’s style quotient. Early leather jackets and coats were highly insulated and were used by pilots and the military to protect themselves from cold climates. Based on their designs, leather coats were made for many purposes with specific styles associated with subcultures such as greasers, motorcyclists and bikers, mobsters, and military aviators. Leather jackets then found their way into the fashion industry in the late 20th Century through Hollywood and reached their iconic status. At present leather jackets represent fashionability and sensibility. This practical item of clothing has vast symbolism in pop culture including iconic Hollywood movies, famous characters, and music subcultures like punk, Goths, metalheads, etc. Leather Hides The hides that are most frequently used to construct genuine leather jackets are ... Continue reading →

Leather Jackets And Their Potential Uses

by Hazel Middleton on Mar 15, 2023



Every woman concerns over choosing the appropriate outfit for a situation. Consequently, when contemplating the purchase of a leather jacket, the best scenarios are always regarded to wear one. The real kick is that leather jackets may be worn for both flair and necessity. The attractiveness of party-style leather jackets is distinct from that of other styles. Warm ones varies in terms of design and appearance. When the correct theory is established, choosing the right one becomes simpler because they are available in a wide range of designs and colors. Their need is growing enormously, ranging from casual everyday wear to rugged-use types and from covering the formal aspect to providing protection from the cold. To make the best etiquette and fashion suggestions simpler, the different types of leather jackets are outlined, along with pertinent functionality.   When out on a casual setting There's no question about it: leather jackets are the perfect halfway ... Continue reading →



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