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Why Is the DDoS Mitigation Service Necessary?

by N7-The Nitrogen Platform on May 2, 2023



Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are some of the most common threats to online platforms. In fact, research shows 70% of organizations experience 20 to 50 DDoS attacks each month, resulting in losses of up to $50,000.As a business, you must protect your website against such threats with the help of DDoS mitigation services.                                       The importance ofDDoS mitigation services for your network   DDoS mitigation helps reduce the impact of a DDoS attack on a network. It works by identifying and blocking an attack’s source of traffic through techniques like firewall rules and rate limiting. Here are some reasons why you should start DDoS mitigation: The growing number of DDoS attacks DDoS attacks are becoming more common each year. For example, in 2019, ... Continue reading →

Best CDN Provider to Speed Up Your Website

by N7-The Nitrogen Platform on Apr 10, 2023

Gambling & Casinos


There’s more to a website than its content. If your website cannot load fast enough in the first place, it will have fewer visitors, ultimately leading to fewer conversions. Now more than ever, when the average attention span is getting shorter by the minute, speed should be a top priority. The best CDN provider can ensure that your website loads right away so your customers don’t end up leaving and going to your competitor.   Why you need the best CDN provider to improve website speed Improve the user experience It’s more convenient to use a fast website. In fact, speed may be more important than content or appearance because it affects how a user interacts with your website. Overall, a faster site leads to better customer satisfaction and a more streamlined user experience, improving your reputation across your target audience. Boost conversions Better user experience leads to greater satisfaction, and as a result, it can help encourage more conversions. Speed ... Continue reading →

Content Delivery Network Providers - Benefits and Drawbacks

by N7-The Nitrogen Platform on Mar 9, 2023



A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a group of servers carrying digital assets throughout various networks. The servers are spread out around the world or over a region for faster content delivery, which is possible by temporarily storing or caching web page content, such as video, HTML, images, and JavaScript, and sending that cached content to users loading the webpage. Most applications and websites depend on a CDN to distribute content to users. To use one, you need to partner with a reliable CDN provider.   The best content delivery network providers enable quick data transfer while protecting against cyber-attacks, making them ideal for managing large websites. However, their services could have some drawbacks, which you also need to know.   Benefits of CDN providers   Availability, speed, and security are essential to every website. Working with reliable content delivery network providers can give you the following benefits:   Enhanced ... Continue reading →



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