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Should your company use cold stamping foil?

by Nano Grafix on Nov 24, 2021

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Stamp printing is a means of catching customer attention and has been around since the 19th century. It gives your brand, shop, or product a distinct edge in standing out amongst a sea of competition. The use of metallic foils is an impressive method to amplify the aesthetics of any product, banner, or brand name. Up until recently, hot stamping was the best known metallic stamping method in use, but recently cold foil is rapidly gaining more priority given its benefits. What is foil stamping? The process of foil stamping involves applying metallic stamps over a foil on materials like hard paper, cards, and plastics while applying heat or pressure. You have the liberty to apply a wide range of textures like matte, metallic, holographic, or glossy. This method of printing is most viable for use over dark surfaces as there is no ink involved that may jeopardize the integrity of the medium. How does Cold Foil Stamping work? Cold foil stamping is a more scientific approach and entails ... Continue reading →

Why security labels play important role in securing your products

by Nano Grafix on Oct 20, 2021



Security labels or hologram labels are easily noticeable on quality items that are available in medical stores, supermarkets, or department stores. Though at first instance these holographic labels might appear as a common element they are not to be ignored. In addition to representing a quality product, these security labels stand for a lot more. They are not mere symbols to identify your products from the crowd of different products. Security from the damage of the product is of topmost concern for the manufacturer as his outlook is to render the right product in the right condition to the consumers. Tampering and spoilage to the product can lead to loss of trust and loyalty from the consumers. Keeping in view the security of products through security labels the holographic stickers play an important role in the packaging of the products. For business owners, these labels can affect the flow of profit which is the main aim of their business. Since it is possible that their products ... Continue reading →

Best holographic warranty labels stickers can help correctly identify your products

by Nano Grafix on Sep 27, 2021

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When varied types of businesses sell their various products in the market, it is challenging to identify a particular product in absence of a proper label. You will agree that in order to effectively distribute the products in the market, business owners require appropriate containers, proper packaging and custom label stickers for proper product identification and usage. Besides identification of the products and making them stand out from the crowd of other products these label stickers also help the process of product inventory, price regulation and safety purposes. Did you know that these tags or labels are also known as special tags because they are made of extraordinary materials that are usually tamper-proof and water-resistant? If you will take a closer look at the products such as food and non-food items sold in the supermarkets and department stores, you will come across labels that have a three-dimensional focal range. They are placed on the exterior of product containers ... Continue reading →

Safe and secure trends for packaging of pharmaceutical products

by Nano Grafix on Sep 13, 2021



Pharmaceutical products require absolute care and caution while packaging, storing and transporting them. The pharmaceutical industry is dependent on the packaging industry to a large extent. Packaging pharmaceutical products in a safe and secure way is extremely important so that they are stored with proper ventilation, stored at the correct temperature, and the most salient part are the segregation, identification and labeling of all the products being stored. One of the primary concerns in packaging pharmaceutical products is the need for holding the design, shape, resisting any impact from outside and ensuring that the content inside is not damaged. Indeed proper packaging is imperative for an array of reasons. It is mandatory for enclosing and protecting products when they are being distributed. Moreover, the right packaging and labeling are also used for the storage and sale of products. The packaging of pharmaceutical security products is very important from the manufacturer ... Continue reading →

by Nano Grafix on Aug 17, 2021

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Security has become a great concern among businesses because of a huge rise in scams or frauds everywhere. This is why they rely on hologram technology to secure their products. The hologram technology is a 3-dimensional projection that can be viewed with no special equipment required like glasses or cameras. The technology used to capture holograms has been increasing at an alarming rate in current years. Different industries like healthcare, entertainment, and gaming, high-tech security, etc. are using holographic security labels for different reasons. Benefits There are lots of benefits you can get upon using holographic security labels. The major thing is that such labels cannot be removed or taken off after they set in using adhesives. The best part is that if they get tampered with, still you can see visible damage on the picture. Holograms can be used for tamper-proof, anti-counterfeiting, and authentication. Apart from that, you can enjoy the below-mentioned benefits of using ... Continue reading →

Insights on securing your products with holographic seals

by Nano Grafix on Aug 13, 2021

Alternative Medicine


No one will ever recognize your product if there will be no labels on it. The quality of the holographic seals is also important as quality and security play a very important role in success. So, if the quality is good all credit goes to your hologram makers to make your product look exceptional. Labels are important in the packaging industry and to get a significant price for items you can go for holograms. Hologram security label Today more and more merchandise is going for security labels and its distinguished fact is using holography. Holography is a technique that constructs a 3D image that secures the products with a security cover. In this technique diffraction, laser, interference, citations of light intensity, and document illumination are also included. The patterns you will see after that will be slightly irregular or regular maybe when it comes to shapes and texts. It is highly sophisticated 3D pictures laser recordings comprised of multiple layers of customized ... Continue reading →

Check out holographic labeling solutions perfect for your cannabis products

by Nano Grafix on Jul 29, 2021

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Do you often wonder which label material is right for your cannabis products packaging and advertising needs? You will find that holographic stickers are excellent solution to make safe, in expensive and versatile solution for packaging, events, and branding that can stick to any surface. Keeping in view the need to advertise your product, or perfect product branding, these tamper-evident stickers make to the top of competition. Holographic labels can easily be used as roll labels, custom die-cut to the precise shape and size of your desired application, giving you the freedom to source the packaging of your vibrant cannabis products. With the right cannabis labels and packaging of holographic stickers you are all set to keep your businesses productive and in compliance with the latest cannabis labeling regulations. Isn’t it twofold advantage to apply holographic labels for your cannabis products? The legal requirements of cannabis vary and with holographic label stickers you ... Continue reading →

Holographic label pattern paves the way to increased sales and greater brand awareness

by Nano Grafix on Jun 28, 2021

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Within the industries today you can get a new advanced way for doing brand awareness and marketing. The need for a more advanced level of holographic pattern and design gives the industries and their products something new like a new space in the tough market competition. For example, the cannabis industry is an example of this. Within the cannabis industry, there is already tremendous competition among the brands for new customer acquisition. When it comes to increasing the value of a product let’s say then advanced forms of marketing tweaks can do a lot more than you imagine. Holographic labels- futuristic in design and creating nice brand recognition and value If you check out the new forms of marketing that the players within the cannabis industries have adapted to recently it will be the use of holographic labels. The holographic labels are really attractive in design that lets the cannabis brands showcase their value and authenticity of the product through their brand ... Continue reading →

Is it time to consider shrink sleeves in the cannabis industry?

by Nano Grafix on Jun 22, 2021

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The cannabis industry has always been under the scanner for duplicity of products and brand names. The authentic brands that are within this industry as a result are getting their brand image tarnished. The authentic and the proper cannabis-producing industries have indeed come up with an advanced solution to cope up with the emerging challenges. It is in this regard that one of the best ways to protect their brand image and reputation is the use of shrink sleeves. So does shrink sleeves provide the best solution for brand protection purposes to the cannabis industry? Let’s find out- Bold branding design ideas No doubt using shrink sleeves can bring about unique ideas for branding and decorating the cannabis product bottle. By using shrink sleeves you can get 360-degree labeling which is quite useful. This also gives the cannabis manufacturing companies extra space on the shrink label to give additional and vital information about their product or the company. The shrink sleeve ... Continue reading →

Holographic labels application in the cannabis industry

by Nano Grafix on May 25, 2021

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Hologram labels are one of the widely used safety and security things that are used on a variety of products. Whether you are talking of the FMCG products or cannabis and other products the authentic and reputed industries ensure to put on a holographic label on their products. So far it seems that this simple holographic technique is giving dividends and prevents the illegal players from quickly duplicating the reputed brand products in the industry. With the advancement in the field of holographic labels and stickers, the techniques of holographic coding and manufacturing process have also improved with tighter security features available on them now. Why is the application of hologram stickers and labels so important in the cannabis industry? Within the cannabis industry, all big and reputed brands are using holographic labels and stickers on their products. There is a reason for this. This is the fact that within the cannabis industry there is a huge complaint and bad reputation ... Continue reading →

Shrink sleeve and flexible packaging in the cannabis industry

by Nano Grafix on May 18, 2021

Small Business


In the cannabis industry, there is a wide range of products. Companies that are involved in the manufacturing, production, and packaging of cannabis have to deal with endorsing their brand and evaluate the brand-protection strategies. This is because of one major problem in the online and offline cannabis selling industry. The problem is that there are many illegal and duplicate products within this industry and the authentic brands don’t want to have a copy or duplicate of their products. They want to ensure that their brands and products in the market are always unique and easily identified. These players always want to ensure that their brands can are easily identifiable in the eyes of the customer. And for this, they are always on the hunt for brand protection strategies on their products, labels, covers, and packs. The use of shrink sleeves is gaining momentum You must have seen the beautiful shape labels that fit in the size of the bottles on various cannabis products. ... Continue reading →

How shrink sleeves are solving challenges of cannabis companies

by Nano Grafix on Apr 15, 2021

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The growing need for cannabis products globally has seen a rise in the number of companies in this industry. With the huge demand while there is huge scope for profitability for the companies there are also some risks. See, one is to ensure that your cannabis products cannot be easily duplicated or counterfeited by anyone. The second one is to ensure that you have an ever stronghold on capturing the maximum market as far as possible. This is because of the growing competition among players within the cannabis products manufacturing companies. It seems as though shrink sleeves will provide the perfect solution to all of this. Want to know how? Ensure you read the rest of the article to get a brief but comprehensive idea. Make your brand stand apart from the others Shrink sleeves are a great way to ensure that your brand is easily recognized among the many rival brands. You can design your creative shape for the bottle or go with a unique printing pattern or design in the cannabis ... Continue reading →

Use of holographic labels in the cannabis industry

by Nano Grafix on Apr 10, 2021

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The cannabis industry is seeing a radical change. The cannabis industry these days is heavily regulated. Those related to this industry who are making the various cannabis products such as edibles, or pills have to maintain and adhere to the strict laws as per the industry standards for their manufactured products. The players within the cannabis production industry are changing their styles of marketing and branding to prevent duplicate and counterfeiting their products easily. Here we will see the uses of the holographic labels on cannabis products and what the companies have to look for while sticking holographic stickers on their products. What is the use of applying holographic stickers in your cannabis product? Holographic stickers are a great way to securitize your cannabis products and prevent their duplicate. These are tamper-proof radiant and illuminating stickers that you will find in many other FMCG products. The holographic labels have advanced features in them that make ... Continue reading →


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