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Since most people are looking down at the ground from time to time while walking, floor graphics are a compelling marketing tool that you can use to capture your audience’s attention. However, most businesses don’t fully utilize this awesome and cost-effective advertising solution. Let’s dive deep into why your business should include floor graphics as one of your marketing tools. In short, they can improve your brand’s image and boost sales revenue. What Are Floor Graphics? Floor graphics, otherwise known as floor decals, can be placed on any surface to attract attention. They are used both indoors and outdoors to direct foot traffic, and they can advertise products. Used right, this low-budget advertising solution provides great return on investment (ROI). Floor Graphics Are Great Attention-Grabbers While outdoor banner stands, retractable banners, and other tools are effective marketing accessories, floor graphics go a step further in ... Continue reading →

Amplify Your Presence With 7 Outdoor Business Signs

by Power Graphics Digital Imaging, Inc. on Jul 14, 2023



Are you feeling the pressure in a tight and competitive local market? Is your brand ready to take on the great outdoors? Don't worry if you're unsure of the answer; this post will assist you in understanding your possibilities with a magic wand: outdoor signage advertising. Whether you're an up-and-coming business owner or attempting to give your seasoned one a makeover, these outdoor signs are about to work their spell. Here are seven different kinds of outdoor business signs that can effectively increase foot traffic to your business. 1. Pylon Signs Are you seeking outdoor advertising that draws customers even from a distance? Or perhaps commercial company signage that serves as both landmarks and advertising tools? Pylon Signs are commercial outdoor signs designed to catch potential customers' attention. This kind of signage is very dependable and long-lasting. 2. Pole Signages Pole signage is significantly easier to understand than pylon signs. This sign has space ... Continue reading →

The printing press has proven to be one of the most significant inventions in history, opening the door for the first Renaissance to flourish with discoveries in the arts and sciences. Today’s printing technology continues to evolve, opening countless opportunities for innovation in the marketplace. It’s imperative to follow the most recent trends in printing technology to stay competitive. This article will examine some of the most intriguing trends to watch out for in the next years. Rise of 3D Printing Amidst evolving technology, printing has leaped to produce flat sheets to produce 3D creations from raw materials. 3D printers have captured audiences with this technological revolution, and manufacturing companies are stepping into this space. A low-cost 3D printer is available on the market, making the 3D printing movement more widely available to people and enterprises. Sheet-Fed Digital Printing The printing industry is undergoing a significant revolution, with ... Continue reading →

Why Should You Consider Outdoor Banner Stands for Your Business?

by Power Graphics Digital Imaging, Inc. on Feb 25, 2023



Are you thinking about promoting your company with outdoor advertising? You can reach a broader audience by using outdoor banner stands to display your company ads. They can assist you in boosting sales, gaining new customers, establishing your brand, and delivering your brand message. This article will show the key benefits of outdoor advertising for product promotions and branding. 1.It Promotes Your Brand Any company that uses outdoor banner advertising does so primarily to increase brand recognition among the general public. If you position your sign or banner stand in busy areas of a city or close to your business locations, more people will come across it. It will raise the popularity of your business. 2.It Increases Your Sales Remember that any company that interacts with the public will expand quickly. You can attract new customers by using an outdoor banner to promote your brand and its products. Your ad can cause them to either act upon them immediately or remember the ... Continue reading →



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