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Biography Redvision provides best Mutual fund software & Mutual fund software for ifa, it is most demanded Mutual Fund Software for distributors in India.
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How MFDs can diversify their income with Mutual Fund Software?

Introduction What is the diversification of revenue sources? Why is it important for mutual fund distributors? Benefits of diversification Risk mitigation Higher-income stability Reduced risk Improved customer satisfaction Growth possibilities What is the way to diversify your income? REDVision and LenDenClub integration What are the benefits of this integration? Conclusion A distributor earns money through commissions when they sell mutual funds to investors. And mutual funds are the biggest source of income for 75% of the MFDs in terms of income percentage. Mutual funds account for 50% of distributors’ income in proportion. But relying solely on the commissions from mutual funds can be detrimental to a distributor financially. How you may ask. Here are some numbers in terms of challenges: Reduction of commission. According to a report by Motilal Oswal, MFDs should anticipate a reduction of 10-20% in their commission income due to the expected ... Continue reading →

The Benefits of Using a Mobile App for Mutual Fund Software for IFA

The rise of technology has brought about a lot of changes in the way we conduct our daily lives, including how we manage our finances. The mutual fund industry is no exception, and with the advent of mobile apps, it has become easier for investors to manage their investments on the go. But what about independent financial advisors (IFAs)? Is there a mobile app available for IFAs, and what are its benefits? Let's find out. Firstly, the answer is yes – there are mobile apps available for mutual fund software for IFA. These apps allow IFAs to manage their clients' portfolios and conduct transactions on their behalf, all from the convenience of their smartphones. A popular example includes REDVision tech. One of the main benefits of using the app is that it allows IFAs to stay connected with their clients even when they are on the move. They can access their clients' investment portfolios, view their transaction history, and even execute trades on their ... Continue reading →

How Mutual Fund Software in India is Revolutionizing Investment Transactions

Mutual funds have emerged as one of the most popular investment options in India over the past few years. With the rise in popularity of mutual funds, the need for efficient and effective management of mutual fund investments has also increased. This is where wealth management software comes in handy. In this blog, we will discuss how mutual fund software in India helps in managing investments and transactions. It helps in streamlining the investment process for investors. With the help of this software, Investors can easily track their investments, View the performance of their investments, and Make informed investment decisions. Mutual fund software offers a range of features that make investing in mutual funds a hassle-free experience. Benefits of mutual fund software Single platform for convenience: One of the key benefits of using financial software in India is that it provides investors with a single platform to manage all their mutual fund investments. Investors ... Continue reading →

How to Streamline Your Business with the Right Mutual Fund Software?

In today's fast-paced financial world, mutual fund businesses are always looking for ways to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability. One of the most effective ways to achieve these goals is by using the right mutual fund software. With the right software, mutual fund businesses can streamline their operations, reduce errors, and improve customer satisfaction. In this blog post, we'll explore some tips for streamlining your mutual fund business with the right software. Choose the Right Mutual Fund Software There are many different mutual fund software options available, so it's important to choose the one that is best suited to your specific needs. Look for software that is user-friendly, customizable, and can handle all aspects of your mutual fund business, from portfolio management to client reporting. Automate Routine Tasks One of the main benefits of using mutual fund software is automation. Look for software that can automate routine tasks ... Continue reading →

How to increase MFDs business with the best mutual fund software in India?

The software can be instrumental in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of mutual fund businesses. Mutual funds are investment vehicles that pool money from multiple investors to invest in a diversified portfolio of securities such as stocks, bonds, and other assets. The management of mutual funds involves various tasks such as portfolio management, investor relations, compliance, reporting, and more. The software can streamline these processes and offer several benefits to mutual fund businesses, including: Automation and Efficiency: Mutual fund software can automate routine tasks such as portfolio management, trade execution, and reporting, reducing manual errors and increasing operational efficiency. It can also provide tools for risk management, performance analysis, and compliance monitoring, helping mutual fund businesses operate more effectively.   Enhanced Investor Experience: Software can offer online portals or applications that provide investors ... Continue reading →

How does Mutual fund software for distributors sufficient in India?

REDVision Tech is designed to be a comprehensive tool that provides various features and functionalities to meet the needs of mutual fund distributors. Here are some ways in which mutual fund software for distributors is considered sufficient in India: Portfolio Management: MF software allows for efficient portfolio management, including tracking investments, monitoring performance, and generating reports. It provides real-time updates on the status of investments and helps distributors manage their clients' portfolios effectively.   Transaction Processing: Best Mutual fund software automates transaction processing, including purchase, redemption, and switching of mutual fund units. It streamlines the entire transaction process, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and reducing the chances of errors, thereby saving time and effort for distributors.   Client Management: Mutual fund software for distributors enables efficient client ... Continue reading →

How Mutual fund software creates the importance of the business?

Mutual fund software can create importance for a business in several ways: Improved efficiency: By automating the processes of mutual fund management, the software can help businesses operate more efficiently. This can lead to cost savings and better returns for investors, which can enhance the reputation and importance of the business. Data analytics: Mutual fund software can analyze vast amounts of data quickly and accurately, which can help businesses make informed investment decisions. By making good investment choices, the business can generate strong returns, which can increase its importance in the market. Customer service: Best Mutual fund software can improve customer service by providing investors with a user-friendly platform to access their accounts, view their investments, and receive information. A positive customer experience can enhance the business's reputation and increase its importance in the eyes of investors. Risk ... Continue reading →

Why Redvision technologies is best mutual fund software for distributors and IFA India?

Redvision Technologies is a software company that offers a mutual fund software platform for distributors and Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) in India. Their software is designed to simplify mutual fund investment processes, improve customer engagement, and enhance overall productivity for IFAs. Some reasons why Redvision Technologies' mutual fund software may be considered as one of the best options for distributors and IFAs in India are: Comprehensive features: Redvision's mutual fund software offers a wide range of features, including portfolio management, customer relationship management, financial planning tools, and real-time tracking of mutual fund investments. User-friendly interface: The software is designed with a simple and intuitive interface that allows distributors and IFAs to easily navigate and use the platform. Customizable reports: The software offers customizable reports that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of ... Continue reading →

Mutual Fund Software is Right for your Fund Distribution Business

The Mutual fund Industry is growing at a tremendous speed, which will pick up more pace in the upcoming years. As per AMFI, its AUM (Assets Under Management) rose by Rs 2.2 lakh crore or 5.7% to reach a total of Rs 39.88 lakh crore in 2022. And between 2022 and 2027, it is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 9.76%. With such tremendous opportunity, there will be also large competition for mutual fund distributors and larger responsibility to serve their clients in the most beneficial way. The Mutual Fund Software for Distributors can help MFDs in this task and lead their firm toward growth and scalability. In modern times, MFDs cannot rely on manual labor work and needs automation, which only mutual fund software can provide. It will help MFDs in dealing with more clients at a faster speed. The online platform assists distributors to conduct their work 24/7 irrespective of their location. A set of tools completes even the lengthy, slow & monotonous tasks quickly without ... Continue reading →

Why REDVision Tech is the Best Mutual Fund Software Provider for MFDs in India

The financial services industry continuously evolving at a very fast pace, and thus mutual fund distribution becomes a very important matter. Investors want to be closer to their funds to generate larger revenues while decreasing costs. Therefore, digitized solutions like mutual fund software have become a key to the distribution value chain. Current State of Indian Mutual Fund Industry and Opportunities for MFDs: Indian mutual fund industry is managing an AUM (Assets under Management) of around ₹39.89 trillion as on December 31, 2022. It increased by more than 100% (approx) during the past 5 years from ₹ 21.27 trillion on December 31, 2017. As per AMFI, the total number of accounts is close to 14.11 crore (141.1 million) as on December 31, 2022, but only 60,000 individual mutual fund distributors are available in India. That means there is a lesser number of mutual fund distributors in India and there is a huge number of untouched investors available in India. All these ... Continue reading →

Grow AUM Multi-fold with Mutual Fund Software’s Multi Asset Feature

As we enter 2023, the economic turmoil tends to rise. The war is ongoing, the geo-political pressures are rising and so are the cases of Covid-19. Global inflation is at its peak followed by stagnant growth, which rises the fears of recession. And all these factors are collectively keeping the capital markets volatile. Despite, the outperformance of Indian equity markets as compared to global peers in FY 2022, the road ahead looks a little bumpy due to expensive valuations. Gold was the best-performing asset during 2022 due to continuous depreciation in INR. At the same time, small-cap funds were the worst performers. Now since, the economic uncertainties prevail and market volatility is rising, hence an investor must adopt a multi-asset strategy for the year 2023. As the name suggests, a multi-asset strategy combines multiple assets to create a broadly diversified portfolio, which includes mutual funds, equity stocks, bonds, real estate, cash, etc. Multi-asset strategies help an ... Continue reading →

Why MFDs Need Mutual Fund Software

There are 60,000 mutual fund distributors in India despite substantial growth in the industry. The segment of Mutual fund distribution in India is outrageously under-penetrated where only one MFD is available to over 17,000 potential investors. Such data and statistics signal greater opportunity for Indian Mutual Fund Distributors. They just have to make themselves competent enough by making potential connections with the technology. 1.    AUM is not growing, on top of that there is a continuous squeeze in distributors’ commission Despite all the hard work, MFDs are not able to improve their client conversion rate and grow their AUM effectively. It is difficult for MFDs to accumulate a solid client base of clients. The solution to the problem is automation, which means they need good Mutual Fund Software, which can help MFDs in providing services in accordance with the investors’ needs. E.g. generally Indians believe in saving money for depositors or ... Continue reading →

How best Mutual Fund Software for IFA Provides Research Benefit?

In former times, running business processes for distributors used to be difficult and was a problematic task as a result of which numerous firms moved out of the industry for lack of control. The distributor needs assistance that can meet all back-end actions with ease and can help in addressing future analysis based on which correct system can be formed.  With the initiation of Mutual Fund Software for IFA the quest of distributors came to an end. Among all software providers, REDVision Technologies is showing more useful and cost-effective for distributors which are rightly bearing all active material of the business. Key Features: Associate different funds for suggesting the most appropriate. Diverse specialties in the mutual fund tool section like dividend record and NAV finder. Create a model portfolio for funds' most significant utilization. Deliver a factsheet describing details of schemes.  Trace SIP, STP, and SWP performance for a ... Continue reading →

Why REDVision Technologies is the First Choice of Mutual Fund Software for Distributors?

As the use of technology is increasing in the mutual fund sector, with it the mutual fund investors’ hopes and expectations are also increasing. It has engendered many new peripheral tasks for mutual fund firms like constant portfolio management, communication with all clients, the requirement of different tools and reports and providing instant solutions. The responsibilities of advisors have enlarged to the extent that they need more human resources to complete the firm’s operations and if there is a shortage of any source then it will create a gap ergo it will affect the productivity of the business. A Mutual Fund Software for Distributors provided by REDVision Technologies is a platform that has the capability to qualify distributors to over-perform across all the parameters, work independently and bring extraordinary results.  Highlights of Mutual Fund Software Less reliance on human resources as the platform enables the distributor to serve ... Continue reading →

Who is the best provider of financial software and fin-tech solutions

Mutual Fund Industry is continuously growing but there are distributors’ many problems that are still unsolved. Mutual Fund Distributors face problems in acquiring new clients, dealing with many clients simultaneously, large time taking research process, work stops at the time of advisor’s absence, managing client portfolio, halted AUM, poor connection with customers, etc. And even if advisors get resources that fill the gap between requirements and extricate, one other main problem is managing different resources for various needs. To meet all the above requirements along with other features there is one of the best software providing companies – REDVision Technologies provides a mutual fund software, which deliver overall business solutions to Mutual Fund Distributors. Characteristics of financial software Develop the mutual fund business by enlarging the client base and AUM. Manage the overall wealth of clients. Active management of investor’s ... Continue reading →

How Mutual Fund Software Helps in Expanding Business Brand?

The distributors in earlier times use to drive the firm without any platform assistance that cannot do more with irregular efforts. Since the arrival of the tool and platform, the procedure has been completely revised for distributors as multiple of them can lead firm functions smoothly without facing any interventions. The feature of white-label in Mutual Fund Software can allow the firm at a low price then too at the more comprehensive level which helps in drawing multiple clients at a time. REDVision Technologies delivers the best wealth administration platform to the distributors which helps in reducing the efforts at minimized cost and also enriches the effects. Benefits: Develops commitment among the customers of distributors. Creates beneficence for the distributor business. Declines marketing expenditure and the adoption of multiple methods for publicity. Keeps time and actions of the distributor. Serves excellence and strength brand name. To shoot all the ... Continue reading →

Here is how Mutual Fund Software for IFA is the No.1 Platform for Business?

The business of distributors involves rich elaborateness and fluctuations and also the customers are required to help constantly. The distributors without the assistance cannot support the customers efficiently and also proves costly. The use of technology lessens the work of the distributors and helps in getting connected with each client via the wealth management platform which retains various developed procedures through which the distributors can efficiently provide the advantages. The Mutual Fund Software for IFA offered by REDVision Technologies is the most helpful tool for the distributors that helps in helping clients from any part of the globe that too at low price. The distributors also produce a difficult challenge to the competitors and capture the most significant share of the market without much effort. Benefits: Decreases the working of the business. Support distributors in supporting clients. Underestimates the fee of the operations. Includes ... Continue reading →

How Mutual Fund Software for Distributors Simplifies the Business?

The work of an hour can be executed within a minute or a few points with the help of technology that reduces the complexity of the task and provides it most simply. In the mutual fund firm, the distributors can also complete the duties within points with the help of a wealth management tool that facilitates the method of completing a job and also reduces the time required for fulfillment. The Mutual Fund Software for Distributors delivered by REDVision Technologies helps to onboard clients within extremely less time and allows the distributors in helping. The medium also demonstrates the customers via the help of the Video KYC part which includes a few measures for the confirmation and the identical can be completed online without visiting any center that controls the time and the expense of the clients and the advisors too. Benefits: Instantaneous enrollment of fresh clients. Limited steps fast verification process. Assistance in investment within a few ... Continue reading →

How Mutual Fund Software for Distributors Appears Productive for Firms?

The period of a firm relying upon the methods and techniques used for executing operations of an obsolete technology consistently leads the business on the point of cessation while the firm with the most delinquent technology arrests the highest share of the market.  With the increasing rival in every component, the need for technology is leading for every firm, the more developed technology is, the more elevated are the probabilities of acquiring triumph. The distributors selling in the need of assets are required to operate with the latest tool that facilitates their job burden and concentrates on supplying the optimum solution.  The Mutual Fund software for Distributors developed by REDVision Technologies is a direct provision that fits in the firm and serves all the required tasks needed for the development of the business.  Benefits Minimum actions are needed to handle firm work. More investors can be managed without an issue. Improves the ... Continue reading →

How Does Mutual Fund Software for Distributors Efficiently Manage Different Investments

The firm of the distributors maintains a high threat which affects dealing with numerous portfolios at a time to provide the desired outcome to each client without suffering a loss on the financed amount. The control of these numerous portfolios manually isn’t feasible for distributors and thus needs an associate who can help distributors to negotiate effectively with all such portfolios. To facilitate the processes of distributors REDVision Technologies has presented the digital medium in the state of Mutual Fund Software for Distributors which conveniently holds numerous portfolios of the clients. Benefits to the distributors: Periodic reports generation for acquisition planning. Numerous trades can be performed. Financial calculators for calculating future returns.  Maintain clients for a long period while drawing new ones. Several clients are efficiently organized and get assistance. Problems in absence of medium: Hard to help each client. The ... Continue reading →


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