Was ist Umschuldung?

by Finanzierungs Beratung on Apr 15, 2019


Umschuldung von Schulden ist ein Verfahren, mit dem Organisationen die Gefahr des Zahlungsausfalls bestehender Schulden vermeiden oder niedrigere Zinssätze ausnutzen. Umschuldung von Schulden kann auch von Menschen am Rande des Bankrotts und von Nationen, die sich auf Staatsbankrott begeben, durchgeführt werden. Wie funktioniert es? Nun, viele Unternehmen oder Menschen suchen nach Rekonstruktion, wenn sie kurz vor dem Bankrott stehen. Angenommen, sie haben ein Hypothekarkredit und können nicht um jeden Preis oder mehrere Kredite in ihrem Namen haben, von denen einige Priorität haben. Wenn Sie sich für die Umschuldung entscheiden, wird derjenige, der der vorrangige Schuldner ist, vor den Untergebenen ausgezahlt, falls das Unternehmen oder die einzelnen Insolvenzanträge vorliegen. Der Prozess ist leicht zu verstehen. Durch die Umschuldung der Schulden werden die Zinssätze der Darlehen, die Sie bereits haben, gesenkt, und der ... Continue reading →

Debt Help UK - Is DRO a Right Debt Solution?

by IVA Experts on Apr 14, 2020


Dealing with financial problems can sometimes be intimidating. The most off-putting thing is getting yourself deep in debts because you don’t understand how things like credit and mortgages work. Here you need to deal with your debt issues and make right choices, and not to end up losing out financially, and to get your lifestyle back into shape. Which debt management plan UK can work the best for you depends on how much money you owe and what types of debts you need to pay back first? If you have few assets and owes a relatively low level of debt, then DRO (Debt relief order) will help you write off your qualifying debts. DRO covers the following types of debts:   credit cards, payday loans and overdrafts benefits overpayments buy now - pay later agreements items you bought on finance conditional sale agreements or hire purchase consumer debts such as catalogues or store cards loans from family and friends, and business loans arrears on household bills (rent, utility, ... Continue reading →

Immediate debt relief options in Manitoba

by Sellandstay Manitoba on May 17, 2021


The burden of debt relief can be overwhelming, except when using Sell ‘n STAY® Debt Relief options: Bankruptcy Some debt relief options such as bankruptcy, can bring immediate relief to your outstanding loans, but they are not always the best solution. Because some can cause severe negative consequences on your credit score, which may impact your ability to access new credit for years. Others can be very time consuming and costly. Debt management Debt management plans is an option where you eventually pay off your loan(s), in a single payment or monthly installments, but generally at a lower rate of interest which has to be negotiated. However, debt management plans may not allow you to take get any additional credit, like credit cards etc., possibly for many years even after the loans are paid off, due to their negative impact to your credit score. Debt settlement Debt settlement is an agreement between a lender and a borrower for a large, one-time payment toward an ... Continue reading →

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