Take good photos and used cars for sale

by Jessica Jackson on Sep 3, 2021 GPS 344 Views

So your old car looks tired? Have you finished listening to your basic stereo? Are you looking for something harder, better, faster, stronger? Something you can talk to your inner fans? Congratulations on your decision to upgrade! But we have a question for you: do you know where to start?

At first glance, used cars for sale seems daunting. You have to collect all your car files, which you may have lost a long time ago, and interact with people who try to make you take less money. This is not an interesting prospect, especially when you have to quickly sell your ride and most of the money.

To make matters worse, you have endless choices to sell your car. From legitimate services like Carvana, Edmunds, Vroom, and even Craigslist to the... Facebook market* shudder. There are so many places, methods and things needed that anyone will be deterred, and the 91 Cadillac you own will always become an ornament on the lawn.

Don't be afraid, as the crack guide and gear team of the driver is ready to guide you to used cars for sale in the best way, not to be screwed. Let's crack in!

Determine the value of your car

The first step in used cars for sale is to find out how much it is worth. This is very simple because there are a lot of online resources available. Drive's favorite is Kelly blue book's historic valuation tool.

Using kBb's program, you can enter the car's manufacturer, model, year, mileage, status, and any additional options you may choose from the dealer. The result is a hierarchical valuation, including the value of your car sold privately and the value of your car transaction.

Clean your car

A clean car is more attractive than a car full of Burger King leftovers, shredded paper, diapers, 1990 newspapers and all kinds of sundries, which will inevitably get into the folds of your cup holder and seat. Cleaning your car with complete details will make your car more valuable and may help it sell faster.

To clean and maintain your car, please follow "how to maintain the car" and "how to wash the car by hand" in the driver's manual.

The following is a brief introduction to how to design a car in detail:

Detailed appearance

Place a dirt trap at the bottom, fill two buckets with water and add soap.

Hose the top, body and bottom of the car to soften some dirt.

Wear foam gloves, start cleaning from the roof, and then go down.

Wash and rinse the vehicle separately to prevent dry streaks and / or water stains.

Clean the wheels with a brush and flush. If you want to wash first, you should use a different brush or towel.

Once all parts of the car have been washed, wash the whole car.

Most of the water around the car can be quickly sucked dry with a towel.

Dry with a second dry towel.

Finally, dry the wheels with a disposable small towel.

Take good photos and used cars for sale

When you sell used cars for sale online, you need to take good photos. Considering that the ubiquitous camera phone has become so dazzling, it's almost nothing to find a good setting and take a few autofocus photos. You have no reason to look at grainy, blurred or dirty photos. Take photos of the front, side, back and the whole interior. Make sure you capture any known flaws, as this can inform potential buyers, help build trust, and help you negotiate later.

We suggest taking pictures outside when the sun comes out at noon. In this way, you can get a lot of details. Don't upload photos of partially cut car debris because it looks... Suspicious.

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