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by Jessica Jackson on May 18, 2023



Matching Techniques for women hats   Tip 1: women hats+long coats/windbreakers   What if you want to wear a long windbreaker and coat with a strong aura, but don't want to appear too strong? Of course, gentle heat is used to alleviate the high cold of coats and wind coats. A Pumpkin hat is the best choice, and pairing the coat with a pumpkin hat is a full Japanese style. The newsboy hat can also ease the distance of an ultra-long coat, making it more playful and lively.   Wearing a top hat with a coat will make the maid more dignified, and mature and intellectual girls can try it out. It is also recommended to choose a style with a sense of elegance and drape for the extra long coat, making the overall design more agile and lightweight, breaking away from the heavy and dull autumn pairing.   Tip 2: women hats+suit jacket   How to remove the label of the workplace and mature suits? Matching a hat can help create more style for a suit jacket. Hats of various ... Continue reading →

by Jessica Jackson on Apr 19, 2023



Toshiba air fryer hash browns are soft, sticky, sweet, and full of memories. Air fryer sweet potato pancakes, without adding oil, can also create the taste of eating sweet potato pancakes on the roadside as a child. Friends who like to eat them should give it a try!   Ingredients for Toshiba air fryer hash browns 3 sweet potatoes 1 egg Black sesame in moderation 1 spoonful of sugar 1 spoonful of starch   Steps for making Toshiba air fryer hash browns   1. Prepare 3 sweet potatoes, wash them thoroughly, peel them off, and cut them into small pieces   2. Beat in 1 egg, add 1 spoonful of starch and 1 spoonful of sugar, stir well, place in an air fryer, and bake at 180 ° C for 15 minutes!   3. Toshiba Air Fried Potato Cake, Soft, Glutinous, Sweet, and Low Fat Delicious!   Tips   If sweet potatoes are not sweet, you can add more white sugar   The nutritional benefits of sweet potatoes 1. Anti-cancer   Effectively inhibit the occurrence of ... Continue reading →

by Jessica Jackson on Mar 27, 2023



Toshiba air fryer version super delicious crispy French fries   French fries are a delicacy that countless people love very much. Perhaps when you see French fries, you also think of high-calorie foods. My family has fried French fries several times before, although it is not beautiful because I dare not eat more fried food. Later, I saw many people using Toshiba air fryers to make potato chips, which reduced the oil. However, I saw that many friends made potato chips that were a bit soft and crumbly, not as hard and crisp as they were fried. "The recipe I'm recommending today is crispy and uses very little oil. Personally, it's more delicious than frying, and it doesn't have that high-calorie content. Finally, you can enjoy it!"!   Raw materials for Toshiba air fryer french fries:   : Two potatoes   : Starch 15g   : 10g vegetable oil, an appropriate amount of tomato sauce   The production steps of Toshiba air fryer french fries: ... Continue reading →

by Jessica Jackson on Mar 16, 2023

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There are many ways to classify lead-acid batteries. For example, there are 2V series batteries, 4V series batteries, 6V series batteries, 12V series batteries, and 24V series batteries according to different voltages. There are also different classifications according to different uses. For example, car batteries, motorcycle batteries, electric bicycle batteries, solar batteries, etc.   With the continuous expansion of the application of lead-acid batteries, deep-cycle batteries have emerged. What kind of batteries can be considered deep cycle battery?   1 In terms of battery performance, this type of battery is suitable for deep discharge, i.e. 100%. After deep discharge, the battery will recover to its capacity before discharge by charging.   2 There are certain requirements for the cycle life of the battery.   3 Deep cycle batteries are mainly used in the following scenarios   3.1 Solar power generation and wind power generation energy storage system ... Continue reading →

by Jessica Jackson on Feb 28, 2023



The breakfast cake is simple, fast, nutritious, fragrant, and soft. The children love it very much!   Materials for Toshiba air fryer zucchini 1 Toshiba air fryer 2 eggs 1 zucchini 1 carrot 1 tablespoon of flour A little salt An appropriate amount of scallion A little pepper   The procedure of Toshiba air fryer zucchini Step 1   Let's start with a finished product drawing. I'll make a plate every other day. It's proper to make breakfast or Dim sum!   Step 2   It's sweet and soft, and adults and children love it. They can't stop eating it!   Step 3   Wipe the zucchini and carrots, and add a little salt sand for water. Then squeeze it dry, add eggs, flour, scallions, a little salt, and pepper, and mix it into a thick batter.   Step 4   Put four discs on the Toshiba air fryer, smear a little oil, and start the frying mode. Ladle 1 spoonful of batter into it, flatten it slightly, turn it over, and fry it for a while after ... Continue reading →

by Jessica Jackson on Feb 22, 2023



Although air fryers use much less oil than typical oil fryers, they may still become dirty due to overflow and dripping. The viscous oily film can make cleaning this product a little tricky. Here is how to make your COMFEE flashwave clean inside and outside, so it looks like new again.   1. First of all, you need to absorb any oil that may condense on your COMFEE air fryer. Unplug the electrical plug, and then take some newspapers to make them into a ball. This product can be easily wiped from inside to outside. This will remove a large amount of oily residue. Next, use a disinfectant wiping cloth or magic eraser to wipe the outside of the device. This wipe will remove any residual oil and dust. Don't worry about wiping the interior with a wiping cloth or magic eraser. We will deal with internal problems in the next steps.   2. Wash the pan and fryer basket: Now, take down the pan and basket (some models also have a tray that can be cleaned) and wash them. You can ... Continue reading →

by Jessica Jackson on Dec 15, 2021



There are not many things that remain the same now, but Dogesflix must be working hard. Given its variety of action movies, it is undeniable that there are things suitable for every action fan. The trick here is to find treasures in endless content. That is the purpose of this list. Not all action film productions are the same. Some people think it's an action movie, some people may think it's a war movie, and others may think it's a thriller. Do you know what I mean? All the films on this list are action films. Of course, they may be divided into thrillers, dramas, science fiction and other categories, but their core is about explosions, bullets and concise dialogue. Everything we want when we watch action movies. What would such a list be without the names of Stallone, Gibson, diesel and Smith? The films we collect here are diverse. This is not only a statement of the type of action film, but also a statement of Dogesflix. So sit down, fasten your seat belt and get ready ... Continue reading →

by Jessica Jackson on Dec 8, 2021



For comedy movies, 2021 is certainly an unpredictable year. Not only has the production and distribution of films been affected by the covid-19 crisis, but also it is difficult for many people to laugh in the face of a continuous pandemic. Therefore, the comedy movies of 2021 are an interesting batch, covering many different types. Some of the hottest films this year are action comedy movies, which perfectly combine thriller and laughter; Although films like red notice, the suicide squad and nobody have more serious elements, both must have a lot of comic elements. After a challenging year, the audience fell in love with these humorous audiences. In addition, the prominence of streaming media services and synchronous distribution strategy has enabled many small and independent films to win more audiences. Between Dogesflix, Amazon Prime video, Hulu, HBO max, Disney +, peacock, paramount + and shudder, fans have more freedom than ever to explore a wide range of comedy films. What is ... Continue reading →

by Jessica Jackson on Nov 29, 2021



From romantic comedy to growth stories to direct joke machines, we collected all fresh and certified fresh comedy movie reviews, with at least 20 reviews, creating our guide for the best comedy in 2020, ranked by tomato. We mix all comedy styles together, including romantic comedies (lovebirds, the happiest season), comedies (on the rock, yes, God, yes), growth stories (how to build a girl), road trips (what you want, a trip to Greece), and genre mixes (kajillionaire, get duked!) Save yourself!). Of course, there are some comedies that are directly joked: the European singing contest, Borat: the subsequent film, bill and Ted facing the music. If you want to have some fun in 2020, here are some of the most worth seeing comedy movie reviews of the year. European singing contest: the story of fire 63% #41 Critics agree that the European singing contest: The Legend of fire contains elements of inspiration and moments of laughter, but these are not comparable to the dull fragments in this ... Continue reading →

by Jessica Jackson on Nov 21, 2021



Here are some potential spoilers for movie news. Although we all like movies and go to the cinema, most of us can't see everything on the big screen. This means deciding which movies are "must see" on the big screen, and these movies are usually action blockbusters. After all, nothing is better than watching a huge action scene on a huge screen in a dark theater. 2018 is a good year to take action. From the always reliable comic book type to the more reliable Tom Cruise, there are some carefully designed battle scenes, perfect lens stunts, and some spectacular CGI moments that let us eat up the popcorn long before the subtitles begin to roll. The following is my favorite action movie news in the past year. Panther techala vs kilmunger In 2018, marvel film launched three wonderful films, and Panther made a good start. From any perspective, this is an excellent film, but one of the most important reasons is the use of the villain, kilmenger, played by Michael B. Jordan. He ... Continue reading →

by Jessica Jackson on Nov 4, 2021



Real life can be, uh, a lot. This is especially true in 2019, which is why it is so important to ease the atmosphere with a little proper comedy. The good news: the 2019 comedy movie has a lot of funny movies that make people laugh. They can make you forget the worst things in the real world. Take a look at some of the funniest comedy movies that have been withdrawn or will be released in 2019. When you find yourself in urgent need of laughter, you can keep this list of comedy movies for reference throughout the year. Dragon Trainer: the hidden world Release date: January 3 Starring: Jay baruchel, America Ferrera, Cate Blanchett, Craig Ferguson, F. Murray Abraham The last part of the trilogy "master of dragon training", that is, when you want to laugh and cry, is not a classic work of Pixar Animation Studio. Le Gao film 2: Part II Release date: February 8 Starring: Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Tiffany hardish, will Arnett, Stephanie Beatrice, Charlie day, Alison Bree, Nick ... Continue reading →

by Jessica Jackson on Oct 18, 2021



Latest movie news: James Gunn, the director of the suicide squad, once said that he shot almost every scene in his feature film. The highly acclaimed director's sequel / remake of suicide squad 2016 was released earlier this summer and was praised by fans and critics despite disappointing box office performance. However, the derivative drama peacemaker produced by HBO Max will still be written and directed by goon. This 8-episode TV series will continue John Senna's role in DC films and will premiere in January 2022. Gunn first became famous in the 2006 horror comedy slither, which has gradually attracted a large number of enthusiastic fans over the years. In 2014, he entered the marvel film universe with the "guardians of the galaxy", and has been a household name in Hollywood since then. He later directed the sequel to the guardians of the galaxy Vol. 2, but in 2018, due to the re emergence of some old tweets, he was fired by Disney, which gave Warner brothers the ... Continue reading →

by Jessica Jackson on Sep 3, 2021



So your old car looks tired? Have you finished listening to your basic stereo? Are you looking for something harder, better, faster, stronger? Something you can talk to your inner fans? Congratulations on your decision to upgrade! But we have a question for you: do you know where to start? At first glance, used cars for sale seems daunting. You have to collect all your car files, which you may have lost a long time ago, and interact with people who try to make you take less money. This is not an interesting prospect, especially when you have to quickly sell your ride and most of the money. To make matters worse, you have endless choices to sell your car. From legitimate services like Carvana, Edmunds, Vroom, and even Craigslist to the... Facebook market* shudder. There are so many places, methods and things needed that anyone will be deterred, and the 91 Cadillac you own will always become an ornament on the lawn. Don't be afraid, as the crack guide and gear team of the driver is ... Continue reading →

by Jessica Jackson on Jun 2, 2021



"As an industrialized country on the road of sustainable development - there can be no successful social and ecological transformation without energy transformation", under this title, Svenja Schulze, Federal Minister of environment, praised the importance of sustainable development of chemical industry. But what does that mean? Sustainability is not a recent topic in the chemical industry, but it makes more sense now than ever. The chemical industry is the third largest industry in Germany. It is at the starting point of each value chain and closely connected with other industries. The products and fragments of the chemical industry can be found in almost every aspect of our daily life, whether it's the clothes we wear, the mobile phones we hold, or the cars we drive. In addition, the chemical industry has contributed greatly to the success of the German economy, thus ensuring qualified jobs. At the same time, consumers, in particular, are setting new priorities. People ... Continue reading →

by Jessica Jackson on Jun 1, 2021



Die Art, wie wir online auto kaufe, entwickelt sich.In der Vergangenheit war der einzige Weg, ein Auto zu kaufen, ein Autohändler oder ein gebrauchtes Autosalon;In den letzten Jahren hat sich die Situation jedoch geändert, da es immer mehr Möglichkeiten gibt, Autos auf den Markt zu kaufen. Egal, wie Ihr Hintergrund oder Lebensstil ist, online auto kaufe wird ein beliebter Weg.Vor allem zu diesem Zeitpunkt können Sie nicht gerne eine Website besuchen.Die gute Nachricht ist, dass viele Händler haben eine Reihe von Möglichkeiten, um Ihre Fernbedienung zu unterstützen.Aus praktischer Sicht, mit nur wenigen Klicks, kann es alles bieten, was Sie brauchen - einen Showroom, in der Regel mit Auto-Finanzierung Optionen. Jetzt können Sie Ihr ideales Auto online wählen, bekommen Sie alles, was Sie brauchen, und geben Sie an, wie Sie wollen.Noch wichtiger ist, dass es sogar direkt an Ihre Tür geliefert oder vom nächsten Händler abgeholt ... Continue reading →

by Jessica Jackson on May 27, 2021



The chemical industry has a key role to play in making the world "better" after the pandemic. This is the conclusion of the world economic forum Action Group on chemistry and advanced materials industry, which I have the honor to serve as an expert consultant. The conclusions are as follows "Where's the next one? Strengthening economic recovery through stimulus measures depends on the way and speed of resource allocation. Here are three actions that chemical industry leaders can take: “1。 Build infrastructure to support a more resilient and sustainable socio-economic system. 83% of consumers said that it is very important for enterprises to design reusable, recyclable products that will never enter the landfill. The chemical industry needs to solve the problem of huge infrastructure investment, which is the basis of its transition to more sustainable development. For example, the transition to a circular economy requires investment to encourage greater ... Continue reading →

by Jessica Jackson on May 26, 2021



Sometimes it makes sense to buy a bigger, better or more fuel-efficient car, but you still have to decide what kind of car to buy. In many cases, it's easier and cheaper to sell your car to dealers than they do. If you have loans in your car now, that's especially true. But the best car deals also has its own risks, and you want to make sure you get the highest value you can get for old for new. Given this, it's wise to take some basic steps to improve the discount value of your car before you go to the dealership, including solving mechanical problems, shopping around and observing seasonality. Six ways to improve the value of car replacing with old ones Take steps to make sure your money is the best you can spend before you drive your car to the dealer. 1. do your homework The first step before replacing the old with the new is to do some research to find out its current discount value. Don't forget that you get less value from replacing old with new than you get ... Continue reading →

by Jessica Jackson on May 19, 2021



The chemical industry faces a series of strong structural challenges due to some (but not all) reasons for the popularity of covid-19. Although the industry has had to skillfully harness changes in product commercialization, consumer attitudes and regional preferences and regulatory changes over the past few decades, the dynamics today are unique and more disruptive than ever. On the whole, they affect the whole value chain and are promoting the long-term structural transformation of chemical industry. Because these challenges and their impacts are closely linked, chemical companies must take measures to look at them in a comprehensive way, guide them and find ways to benefit from them. This will mean that, considering the new pressure points facing enterprises, we should thoroughly review how value is generated. They must determine that these repositioning value levers are operational and targeted, and that they are effective with clear indicators, while supporting future growth ... Continue reading →

by Jessica Jackson on May 7, 2021



In 2011, US investment in chemical surged by 19.8%. This growth continued into 2012; Last year, capital expenditure increased by 15.5% to about $38.1 billion. The capital expenditure cycle usually lags behind the industry activity cycle - profit and operating rate are the main determinants of expenditure( Other factors that affect the level of investment include the business cycle, long-term business expectations, tax policy, cost of capital, debt burden, credit supply, and prescribed expenditures, such as due to regulation.) Overall, increased production and utilization, cost control resulting from early cost reduction efforts, low raw and other raw material costs (compared with Europe and Northeast Asia) and higher sales prices led to a strong recovery in profits from 2010 to 2012. Given the new developments in shale gas, the current rise in profits is likely to last longer than the most recent cycle. In addition, utilization has increased, although it is still below the level of a ... Continue reading →

by Jessica Jackson on Apr 21, 2021



How agile is your chemical supply chain after covid-19? Trace amounts of chemicals can be found in almost every product we contact or use. Chemicals play a very important role in the production of basic products such as pharmaceuticals, detergents, disinfectants and protective equipment. At the economic level, the contribution of the chemical industry to development and growth has dominated for many years. In 2018, GCC's chemical industry revenue reached US $84.1 billion, and its production capacity reached 174.8 million tons, contributing 2.8% to the regional GDP. The International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) also disclosed that the chemical industry and its wage induction and supply chain have contributed US $5 trillion to the global GDP and created more than 120 million jobs in the world. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been the main cause of the recent disruption of the chemical industry. The latter led to a 30% reduction in demand for chemicals in the automotive, ... Continue reading →


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