Online Photo Contests – Addressing Your Safety Concerns

by Jon Perez on Jan 24, 2018 Computers 1349 Views

Online photo contests seem to have a lot of traction today and hundreds of photographers are taking part in these competitions. If you are a photographer who is planning to take part in these contests, you should make certain that your safety concerns are fully addressed. In other words you should not jeopardize your personal safety in any way. We will look at the core areas that you need to focus in order to safeguard your online identity and your intellectual property rights.

Every day some contest or other is happening across the globe and thousands of submissions are made and thousands of photographers safely participate in these contests. Now the question is whether everyone who participates enjoys the same level of safety or not. The answer is unfortunately, no. many people end up facing problems at various levels.


Before you submit your entries or even before you sign up for the contest, you should review closely the sources that you are using. Is it a safe source or does it have a bad rap in terms of safety and security concerns. Can you share your contact details and your email address to these online platforms? Yes, stop for a moment and check. This will save you from loads of complications which you could possibly face down the line. There are many challenges out there and your all time priority should be your personal safety. Before you mindlessly submit your details check why the website is asking for certain information and how is that relevant to your contest?  

Are you entering free photo contests or paid contest? How much is the cost and where does the fee go? Some of the contests will try to extract money in different ways. They will tell you that there is no fee for taking part in the contest. However, to send your gifts or to send your certificates you should pay the postage and handling charges. This sounds reasonable for many people and they fall for it. Make sure that you are not falling for such tricks. Never send any money to any of these platforms. Most importantly, never use your credit cards in any of these websites because you will not know how such information will be used. To stay away from all such risks, the best part is to avoid making contests that ask you for a payment.  

How will the photos that you submit be used? Who will finally own the rights to that work? Take time to read the fine print. If you ignore this step, you will regret down the line. You do not want some of your best work to be lost to some scam online. This is as important as protecting your identity online. There are many contests for you to participate, why invite unnecessary risk? If you find anything fishy or if you are not clear about something, then it is best to avoid such contests rather than taking risk.

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