Here know 5 timeless yet trendy leather jackets types for women

by Alen Cooper on Mar 31, 2020 Agriculture 482 Views

This article aims to guide women the best leather jackets to try in 2020. Women’s leather biker jacket is a timeless style and here you will explore four more styles to try in the coming winter.

Women’s leather jackets have been in the trend over the decades. They are the true timeless article of clothing and winning hearts every day. But previously the scenario was little different as it was only men’s cup of tea. Military and aviation professionals were the main people who used to wear these jackets and coats in order to prevent cold and stay warm all day. The leather jacket has come into women’s trend after a female rock band’s members started to wear these jackets with some fancy customization. In order to craft complete rock and punk look, customization was needed at that time. After that, markets started filling with women’s leather biker jacket.

Today, there are various kinds of leather jackets are available in the market for both men and women. But too much availability sometimes makes buyers confuse about which one to choose. This article aims to let you know the types and specialty of jackets according to their types below-

1.      Leather biker jacket- It is has been in trend since the beginning. Now not only men drive a bike but also women rule with this vehicle. In order to make the riding time more stylish and protective, women wear this biker jacket. These jackets are designed in a unique way to enhance overall protection power. These jackets end before the waist and give the wearer easy and flexible movement.

2.      Leather bomber jacket- If you are in wish of creating a properly Hollywood vintage look, you should try bomber jackets. Bomber jackets are protective and quite simple in style. In order to create a simple and casual winter look without losing the comfort level, a large number of women prefer to wear this type of jacket.

3.      Leather short moto jacket- You do not need to be a biker to wear short moto jackets. These jackets are highly stylish and easy to wear. Presently the market is filled with amazing types of short moto leather jackets. Short lapel collar, full sleeve, extra zipped style, metal studs, and belted end are the attractive attributes of this moto leather jacket for women. Women’s leather biker jacket is the basic form and after some customization we get classic moto pieces.

4.      Leather jacket with fur collar- This is a completely new edition in the market. Some manufacturers are offering detachable and stylish fur collar with leather jackets to protect cold better and enhance the overall appeal. You will get a soft and smooth fur collar with an easy detaching option. Classic black and white collars are there along with other pigmented colors. Without any doubt, leather provides great warmth and breathability. And fur collar ensures that there is no way of entering cold wind inside. Some jackets come with both hood and fur collar to save the wearer from the too harsh frostbite and cold wind. Shearling moto jacket with fur hood is a great example here.

These are the top five types of jackets women can try in 2020 during spring and wintertime. Before committing a purchase, all the buyers should check the authentication of the leather texture. There are a lot of sellers who sell below quality products in the name of the real one. And that’s why you need to stay smart always.

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