an amazing hair tip in order to clean the front of your mens hair system

by Jessica Jackson on Oct 5, 2020 Diabetes 431 Views

Today I'm going to be showing you an amazing hair tip in order to clean the front of your hair system this is something that I had to deal with when I was first wearing it and I'll explain to you why and kind of what's going on with the whole process. So what happens is when you're wearing a mens hair system especially if you're wearing a poly base polyurethane, there's no breathability in it, and there's nothing for the scalp to breathe. I started to discover that I was having some challenges where after maybe a week and a half or so depending on the activity level, the front would start to get a little bit loose and it would kind of start to flop around a little. Also I was getting a little bit of like an odor in the front from the sweat and everything just building up. So I experimented and I found an awesome way, an awesome little trick that anyone can use to just get that hairline almost redone and get more longevity out of the hair system. 

The tools I'm using is the ghost bond supreme. I like this because it's a little bit of a stronger hold and then we've got the ghostbuster this is what removes and helps removes the glue. Then the scalp protector which is essential for putting it on the scalp so you're you are protecting from any sort of harm to your scalp. I have a bowl here you can use like a plastic bowl paper bowl. I also have rubbing alcohol which I will use a little bit just to finish off cleaning and here's the most interesting thing toothpicks. I will explain later.

So I've got the cotton ball here and I'm going to spray the remover here on the cotton swab and what I'm going to do is I'm going to start and see that already the hairline has been lifted a little bit so I'm just going to start just removing this right in through here just to get any of the buildup off right and that's really essential you can also go right onto the base right into here a little bit because you probably are going to have some bits of glue and then I'm going to use a little bit of rubbing alcohol and that is just really to make sure there's no oils or getting you're really getting rid of any sort of excess so you want to do this very lightly on the base where your unit was on the skin and just give it a nice little couple of scrubs it's kind of like you're cleaning off something. You're cleaning your scalp off so you just want to make sure that this is very thoroughly done. I then like to go in with a cotton swab just a dry cotton swab but nothing on it just to really wipe off any sort of excess glue or anything that's on the scalp that's really getting in the way of being able to have a clean application. Another thing I suggest using which I didn't mention before is a hair clip so you can just kind of really secure that hair back so you have a nice area here that you're able to work on. Now we are ready to apply these scalp protectors and just slightly press down and we're creating that added layer of protection here in the front. We're going to take the ghost pond just want to clear off the top make sure you got a clear access point from the top. Now I'm going to use this bowl right here and I'm just using a bit of ghost bond. Here is where the magical toothpick comes in handy. When you're applying this especially if you're applying this to your own head, what you want to do is just use a little bit so as you can see from that little dot. What I'm going to do is I'm just going to work that in ever so slightly and be patient with this because when I was experimenting and utilizing this in other ways like I would take a full brush and I would try to use a brush and it would get all over the place. So the toothpick again allows for just the finest areas and you can really just pinpoint exactly where you want the glue to go. It is a bit time consuming but at the same time it's really helping you get precise.  Also what I learned and what's happened to me in the past was the glue would just go all over the place and for anyone who wears a hair system, they know exactly what I'm talking about.

This really helped me tremendously so now I'm just going to let this sit for about 10 minutes to 15 minutes let's let it dry and then we'll be able to place the hair system back to where it was. So now I'm going to take the clip out and it's as simple as standing in front where you were looking in the mirror pulling down the hairline just like you normally would and pressing down so yes this is a bit of messy job. No one ever said wearing a mens hair system was super easy but the great thing about this technique is that it's really going to give you another few days on your hair system and you're also going to help remove any maybe unwanted smell or odor you may get in the front.

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