Everything You Need To Know About Shopify Domain Search

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Are you starting a new ecommerce business with Shopify? It would help if you had a Shopify store name to start the new online business journey. It's not easy as it seems. 


Shopify is the market leader ecommerce platform, where you can build an ecommerce website with the help of Shopify apps to generate more sales and revenue. 


While selecting a Shopify domain name, you need to consider many things like a short name, easy to remember, keyword-focused, and looking professional for your Shopify store. Shopify domain name is an integral part of branding strategy. It represents your online presence.


This blog post will guide you on Shopify domain search, the best tips for a domain name, How to use the Shopify business name generator, and many more.


What is a Shopify domain?

A domain name is the name of your website that comes in the form of an address or URL. So, for example, a domain name is yourshopname.com, Google.com, and Facebook.com.

A domain name is one that customers first see when they surf on a browser. The default Shopify domain appears like www.yourshopname.myshopify.com, and you can buy a custom domain name from Shopify or other third-party domain providers.


How to choose a Shopify domain name?


Include your brand name

If you have already run an offline or local business, try setting your domain name as a store name. But it is very tough to get an exact match store name domain.


In that case, you must be more creative with adding nouns & adjectives before or after the domain name. For example, if your store name is "The Mike Store" and you are an expert in selling cake, your domain name should be www.themikestorecake.com


Keep short and simple

Just because a domain name has a maximum length of 63 characters doesn't mean you can add anything to it. The longer names are more challenging to memorise, so domain names are short and simple as possible.


Your domain should be 10-16 characters for easy spelling and remembering. It also helps Google algorithms to understand your website and showcase results to the ideal customers.


Add Keywords

By adding relevant keywords to your Shopify domain name, you tell your ideal customers what your business offers them. It also helps to improve your SEO ranking on search results. 


For example, mikebirthdaycake.com, and themikecakeshop.com describes your selling cakes.


Unique and brandable

A unique and brandable domain name helps to stand out Shopify store from competitors. A unique, brandable name can be anything like Google or Wix. In short, for uniqueness, you don't worry about the meaning of the domain name. Simply modify them and use them to build a brand.


You can also take help from friends or colleagues to find the best Shopify domain name or your own name to build a personal brand.


Never repeat letters

People will misspell domain names, and it causes a decrease in web traffic. Double letters create more confusion when typing and reading a domain name. Avoid using back-to-back letters in the Shopify domain name to make it easier to remember and type.


Use Shopify domain name generator

Shopify domain name generator is a free tool to check whether your domain name is available or not. This Shopify domain name generator helps to create a domain name by adding a keyword of your choice to build a memorable brand.


Domain name generators always come in handy to find more domain ideas available for registration.


Summing up

Choosing a Shopify store name is very difficult. Also, you will get to learn new things for your business. 


Over 1,00,000+ domains are registered every day, so if you have an idea of your domain name. Don't be late to register your domain name.


Hopefully, this article will help you to choose the best domain name for your Shopify store to achieve your business goal.

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