Why Ecommerce Businesses Should Use Web Push Notification App?

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Over the past few years, the web push notification has emerged as the most powerful marketing tool for eCommerce marketing. The facility provided by this functionality is delivering great results to all the eCommerce merchants out there. Online marketers have been leveraging all different marketing channels from the past several years. Popular marketing tool like SMS marketing has almost lost its charm. The email marketing has also lost its potential. With very low open rates, it is also not working for the marketers. 


Hence they needed a marketing channel that can drive the highest engagement. The web push notification directly hits the screens of the users. By applying the creativity, the marketers can send their message most innovatively. Started with the support from Google Chrome in 2015, currently, the functionality of web push notification is supported by almost every mainstream browser. Here we will discuss the benefits of using a web-push notification app for your business.


High opt-in rate

The functionality like subscription popup requires users to enter their email or any personal information to start their journey with any online service. Hence, the majority of the users hesitate to enter such information. Meanwhile, web push notification only requires users to click allow to opt-in for the functionality. When users open any website where the web push notification functionality is enabled, the popup appears near the top left portion of the screen. It will not ask users to enter any personal information. Users just need to click on the allow, and that's it. And from now on, users will receive every notification form your website.


Highest engagement

If we take the example of email and SMS marketing, the users would not mind to swipe them. And it ends up delivering really low open rates. On the other hand, the web-push notification directly comes from the browser itself. You can market new announcements, discounts, sales & offers through the web push notification. Use the most engaging title line and notification image that can trigger users to click on your notification, and get the highest engagement out of it. 


Great re-targeting functionalities 

The web-push notification comes with great re-targeting functionality. For the tasks such as abandoned cart recovery and user win back notifications, the web push notification delivers great assistance. The users can be notified of their abandoned carts. Even for the targetted marketing campaigns, the web push notification delivers great results. As per the behavior of the users with your website, their particular product interests can be known. And according to this, the marketers can send relevant notifications as per the likings of the user.


More traffic

The web push notification can also be leveraged as the best alternative of paid ads. If you are sending notification that worth the time of the user, you will get the best open rates. With the highest open rates, a considerable boost of traffic can be achieved on your website. For the limited-time sales and offers, the web-push notification functionality can deliver great results for your business.


Can be used as the alternative of mobile app

The mobile app comes with the whole news perks for the business. But if you are a small scale startup, you may fall short on funds for app development or paid marketing. Hence during such difficult times, the web push notification can deliver great results. They can be leveraged as the cheaper alternative of the mobile app. With some copywriting and graphics, great results can be leveraged from the web push notification.


How do I enable this functionality for my Shopify store?

To enable this functionality, the process is pretty straight forward. Just download the app named Notifier ‑ Smart Web Push. The app is available on the Shopify web store. The app has all the functionality to create the perfect web push notification for your Shopify store. Open the app in the admin panel of Shopify. The app provides all the tools you need to create the best web push notification.


The app provides seven different kinds of notifications already prepared to send to your subscribers. Below is the list of notifications. 

  • Welcome notification for new users
  • Abandoned cart notification
  • Shipping details related notification
  • Price drop & discounts alerts
  • Abandoned browser notification
  • Customer win-back notification
  • Customized marketing notification for the targetted audience


The app also creates user segmentation to create customized marketing campaigns for the targetted marketing campaign. To understand all the functions provided by the app, download the app from the Shopify store NOW!!


The final words

The web push notification is proven to deliver great results for any eCommerce store out there. I hope you understand the importance & benefits of having the web push notification app for your eCommerce store. This functionality is consistently delivering great results for the store owners. And with it's targeted marketing features, the benefits of using web push notification are limitless. Apply your creativity and marketing mind to it and increase traffic and conversion on your store. 

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