Learn about acetone acetone formula

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Learn about acetone

Acetone, commonly called acetone, is a colorless liquid that plays an important role in the manufacture of plastics and other industrial products.

The molecular formula for acetone formula  (or acetone) is presented here in both organic and structural forms. Acetone, the simplest ketone, is a flammable, colorless, volatile liquid. As an organic compound, it is also known as acetone. You can get more details about acetone, including its structure and properties, in the linked article.

Acetone formulation

The structural and organic formulas and structures of acetone are shown below. Knowing the structure can help you better understand organic formulations.

Structural formula of acetone

Organic formula (chemical formula) of acetone

Acetone consists of three carbon atoms, six hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. It is classified as a ketone due to the presence of a carbonyl group. Therefore, the chemical formula of acetone or acetone is written as:

Acetone chemical formula = C3H6O
Acetone is widely used in the medical and cosmetic industries. It's found in blood and urine and is the active ingredient in nail polish remover. Visit Uses of Acetone to learn more about its application in various fields.
Uses of acetone

Acetone has a wide range of applications in various fields. Some of these include:

medicine or pharmaceutical industry
for cosmetics
for laboratories
for electronic products
for home use

Acetone is a good solvent because of its ability to dissolve polar and non-polar substances, but other solvents can, too. Second, acetone is a good solvent because it is a miscible substance. That is, it has the ability to mix with water in any proportion.

Inhalation of moderate amounts of acetone for a short period of time can irritate the nose, throat, lungs and eyes. In addition, menstrual cycles may be shortened in women affected by the possibility of headache, dizziness, confusion, tachycardia, nausea, vomiting, bleeding, fainting, and coma.

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