Yotta Games updated their listing for Mafia City and added a few screenshots

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One of great things about the game is that you are assigned a mentor. A mentor is a real player who is there to lend a hand, answer questions, and give you guidance. I find this game a bit more complicated because there is so many people playing and so much going on in the game. The mentor for me has been tremendous. The online guide is also a big help.

Diverse mini-mafia games: from a break-in to card cheating

Mafia City H5 Game

Where Mafia truly distinguished itself however , was in its dedication to making the consequences of that world as realistic as possible. Main character Tommy Angelo was no stranger to having rubbed the thin blue line of Lost Heaven the wrong way, and the long arm of the law was more than ready to crack down on even the most minor of offenses with unrelenting force.
Update: September 22nd, 2016 8:06am PST: At the time of writing this article originally there were no screenshots available to check out. However, since that time Yotta Games updated their Google Play listing for Mafia City and added a few screenshots. We’ve added those to this article for everyone to check out. It looks a little more menu driven than originally thought, but it is still early to pass judgement on the gameplay. Thanks to Jon in the comments for the heads up!
Blackman: It was kind of developed all together . Bill was hired very early on. Most of the early creative work, from a content standpoint, was Bill and I talking about what we wanted to do and what type of story we wanted to tell, what time we wanted, what city we wanted. We brought other people into the fold. The art director, design director, tech director, executive producer, a handful of others, they were all part of that off-site.
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Video mafia games often get lost in the ever-evolving discussions concerning racism in the media, which is interesting considering that gaming is roughly a $25 billion industry—the most popular mafia games rival sales in all media. While the whole gamer- gatefiasco forced the industry to confront its wanton sexism for the first time, there have been few conversations regarding the storied history of racial insensitivity in mainstream gaming.

Mafia City H5 Game

Only about 20% of our converted players (those who play for five consecutive day after creating an account) actually ever pay into the game. However, our non-paying players are just as important to us as paying players. We need non-paying players to contribute to the social and trading community, as much as we need paying players in our game.
Indeed, playing through the game so far is like watching Rosewood or Django Unchained: All the racism makes you wanna bite your knuckles and keep playing just to see how many cracka-ass crackas you can take out with a dome shot.

These kinds of concerns weren't on Dimitry Davidoff's radar when he created Mafia. Having grown up in the Soviet Union, the thought of a business application for the game never crossed his mind.

Mafia City [English]: https://mafiah5.yottagames.com/play/
Mafia City [Chinese Traditional]: https://mafiah5.yottagames.com/?language=zh_TW

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