Tips to Maintain Your Retractable Awnings

by Steve Nakousis on Apr 16, 2022 Society 185 Views


While retractable awnings Sydney are one of the best ways to increase your home's curb appeal, you'll want to keep them in good condition so that they last as long as possible and perform well at all times. These tips on how to maintain your retractable awnings will help you achieve that goal.

Tip 1: Handle With Care

When it comes to retractable awnings, it's important that you take care of them so they'll last for years. Losing their functionality will not only result in having to purchase new ones, but they can also make your home look shabby. So, handle the retractable awnings with care. The fabric is designed to protect you from harsh weather conditions, but it can be damaged if not handled properly. When retracting an outdoor shade into its storage box, be careful not to pinch fingers between moving parts as they are closing and opening.

Tip 2: Be Careful In Extreme Weather Conditions

Roll up your awnings if harsh winds, snow, hail or storms are predicted. If you have a wind sensor on your retractable roof awnings Sydney, it will automatically retract when it senses strong winds. If you don't have one of these sensors, make sure you manually roll up any exposed awning in extreme weather conditions. Always ensure that your retractable awnings are clean and dry before storing them away for winter or taking them down for any reason.

Clearing Branches and Obstructions

At least once a year, remove leaves and any other obstructions from your retractable awning. To clear these obstructions, you will have to manually tilt and roll up your retractable awning. But before rolling up your retractable awning, make sure you turn off any water faucets as well as breakers for electrical outlets near where you're going to be working with your retractable roof awning Sydney.

Checking For Rust

Allowing rust on your retractable awnings could cause them to wear out faster than necessary, so check for signs of rust if you haven't used them for a while. If you notice any rust, do not try removing it yourself, as you might damage your awning or make it dangerous to use. Instead, have a professional repair it.

Regular Dusting And Wiping

The outside of a retractable awning can accumulate dirt and grime over time. Make sure to wipe it down regularly with water and mild soap or an all-purpose cleaner. When it rains, you should also pay attention as water can build up on your retractable awning and cause leaks. Keeping it clean will help you avoid these issues in addition to giving your home an extra shine.


You should regularly check your awning and make sure it's always working properly. Invest in high-quality products that can last a long time. If you maintain them well, they'll serve you better! When looking for retractable roof awnings Sydney, you have many options. Remember: comparison shop with the retractable awnings Sydney prices and quality, and get value for your money.

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