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Biography Acquara, a global financial services company with a presence in UAE, India, UK, and Singapore; specialized in Mergers & Acquisitions, Debt, Due Diligence, Valuation, Project Advisory, Strategic Advisory, Feasibilities, Treasury Management, Financial Outsourcing, Automating Processes, Private Equity Investment and much more. With 12+ years of experience and a team of 450+ experts in combining sector knowledge and finance, expertise enables us to deliver innovative solutions to complex.
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Why do you need Corporate Finance Advisory in Dubai?

by Acquara Management Consultant on Aug 11, 2023



Corporate finance advisory services are required to ensure that a corporation or enterprise runs smoothly at its best potential through powerful financial and other resources management. It also refreshes old-line companies and weak units and helps the existing divisions position areas or activities of development and diversification. Generally, financial management consultants provide these services. Corporate advisory services reflect a significant part of the company’s portfolio in terms of activities and functioning.   Corporate finance advisory services, for a business, involve the following services: a) Provide direction in areas of miscellaneous ness based on the Government’s economic and licensing law or policies. b) Assess product lines and analyze their development and profitability to predict future trends and refresh old-line businesses and weak sick divisions by reviewing their technology and functioning to restructure their capital base. ... Continue reading →

An overview of Transaction Advisory Services in Dubai

by Acquara Management Consultant on Jun 26, 2023



Transaction advisory services (TAS) refer to a range of professional services that help organizations with mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, restructuring, and other types of transactions. These services are typically provided by accounting, consulting, or investment banking firms, and are designed to help clients make informed decisions about their transactional activities. Here are some of the key areas covered by Transaction Advisory Services: 1. Due Diligence: This involves conducting a thorough review of the target company's financial, legal, and operational aspects to identify any potential risks, liabilities, or opportunities. 2. Valuation: This involves determining the value of the target company or the assets being acquired, which helps clients make informed decisions about pricing, financing, and other transaction-related matters. 3. Deal Structuring: This involves developing and evaluating different transaction structures, such as asset purchase ... Continue reading →

Several Benefits Of Hiring a Tax Consultant In UAE

by Acquara Management Consultant on May 11, 2023



Tax consultant in Dubai – basically organizes, helps, and always recommends to companies or people about the filing of taxes and returns. If you are running a business, there are loads of benefits to hiring one. The professional tax consultants in Dubai are all professionals who can direct the client looking for the service to save more money while obeying all the terms and conditions made compulsory by the government. There are two significant classifications of consultants based on their area of expertise — personal tax consultants and professional corporate tax consultants.  Both types of consultants have a number of duties. The major intention of any consultant is to make sure that his client’s taxes are kept to a least. A good consultant offers accurate guidance and the essential information to result in the highest savings while following all the legalities. Here are some of the valuable benefits of hiring a tax consultant/Chartered Accountants in Dubai: ... Continue reading →

The Functionality of Financial Accounting Advisory Services

by Acquara Management Consultant on Apr 10, 2023



To understand financial accounting advisory services let’s learn about financial accounting advisory. Financial accounting advisory refers to the provision of expert advice and guidance to businesses or individuals regarding their financial accounting practices. This can include a range of services such as financial statement preparation, compliance with accounting standards, tax planning and preparation, financial reporting, and internal controls. A financial accounting advisor can help businesses or individuals navigate complex financial regulations and accounting principles, optimize their financial reporting processes, and identify areas of improvement in their financial practices. They can also provide guidance on financial decision-making and strategic planning, helping clients to make informed choices that support their long-term financial goals. Also, a financial management consultant also advises and assists individuals, businesses, and organizations in making sound and ... Continue reading →

Why Businesses Need for Business Intelligence Consultant in Dubai

by Acquara Management Consultant on Apr 4, 2023



A business intelligence consultant is a professional who provides expertise and guidance to organizations seeking to improve their data analysis and decision-making capabilities. BI consultants are typically hired by businesses in a variety of industries to help them use data more effectively to understand market trends, customer behavior, and operational efficiencies. The role of a BI consultant involves working closely with clients to identify their needs, develop strategies, and implement solutions that optimize the use of data. This may include designing and building data warehouses, creating dashboards and reports, and performing data analysis and modeling. A BI consultant must have strong analytical and technical skills, as well as the ability to communicate complex information clearly and concisely. They should also be familiar with various BI tools and technologies, such as data visualization software, data mining algorithms, and statistical analysis tools. Overall, the goal ... Continue reading →

Types of Business Advisory Services in UAE

by Acquara Management Consultant on Mar 16, 2023

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Business advisory services in UAE assist businesses to find out their potential and overcome boundaries in defined sectors. These services give consultancies on business structuring such as– Cashflow Budgeting Business development Transformation Buying or Selling of a Business Profit enhancement Selection of software Planning of succession and many more Business priorities change due to multiple aspects such as economic conditions and dimensions and the period the business is running. A start-up business may focus on financing and market entry, whereas a more recognized business will give significance to– New market penetration Change in management Innovation Corporate regulations and so on Types of Business Advisory Services–  1. Financial Advisory Service: Business advisory service is also a part of financial advisory companies that facilitate the development of complete financial planning for a business. They offer financial guidance on how to decrease tax ... Continue reading →

Role of Corporate Compliance Consultant in Dubai

by Acquara Management Consultant on Mar 7, 2023



Corporate compliance consulting refers to expert-driven compliance services objected to assist businesses to understand how to manage better and mitigate several IT and corporate compliance risks. The key objective of any compliance consultant is to actively control the risk and decrease financial crime like money laundering. For instance, in any type of business, there are several sorts of compliance procedures that require to be taken care of by the organization, including board members, and employees. Furthermore, UAE recently imposed Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) registration and Economic Reporting processes and each business entity in UAE should comply with them. It is significant that any reporting processes are recognized and lodgings to the UAE regulatory authority must be completed correctly and on time to avoid any expensive errors. There are five significant compliance services in Dubai that every business needs: Identification– The foremost thing to do for any ... Continue reading →

3 key Methods to Hire an Offshore Finance Company

by Acquara Management Consultant on Feb 2, 2023



Why the term ‘offshore finance’ has been buzzing around the world? What are the key ways companies can use offshore finance? This blog will give you a clear picture of offshore finance, offshore finance companies, and how it is helping corporate finance. To save business expenses, time, and penalties these days companies are opting for various offshore processes to scale their expansion. Offshoring finance is one of the business processes that has seen fast growth in the last couple of years. Hiring an offshore finance company can help businesses: Meet regulatory needs Make challenge finance reviews and tax filing Multiple investment portfolios and many more activities What is Offshore Finance? The term offshoring refers to a company hiring a third-party service provider in different countries to handle its business processes. This involves Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Information Technology (IT), etc. Offshoring finance refers to when a corporate or a business, ... Continue reading →

Why Hire Financial Advisory Consulting Firms for Business?

by Acquara Management Consultant on Dec 6, 2022



To understand the reason to hire financial advisory consulting firms we need to understand financial accountability.  Financial accountability is a way of seeing things in a certain way before it is an action. So, if you can transform your way of seeing things, the actions follow naturally. Most organizations don’t embark on a journey without making a strategy. It is general to get began with a venture or project without getting the right advice and apt instructions, as there are many cost and time factors attached. Many businesses avoid the significance of financial advisory services and are insecure to consult them when commencing a new business plan or venture. Methodologies of financial advisory consulting firms bring experience and proficiency to help you to do better capital investments. Financial advisory consultants support your business with exact assessments for measuring the suitability of your business model and outline strategies to enhance profitability. How ... Continue reading →

How Financial Services Compliance Consultants Can Benefit Businesses?

by Acquara Management Consultant on Nov 14, 2022



Financial services compliance consultants are perhaps the most important area that businesses require to deal with, particularly when the business is undergoing any kind of swift growth. An expert financial consultant company not only decides that your business is running legally but also makes sure that all the relevant policies are being followed. In simple words, compliance consultants can be declared that they have both the policies and in-house expertise to help the business functionality. Hiring a financial consultant company for compliance services can offer you an autonomous objective in dealing with several compliance policies so that businesses can smoothly recognize any regulatory breaches that may go unnoticed otherwise. Compliance consultant companies and businesses deliver their services to companies for consulting purposes when their direct industry is administered by several multifaceted policies and miscellaneous regulatory agencies. Since navigating through so many ... Continue reading →



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