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Outdoor signage is one of the most effective ways to attract people to your business or event. With today’s technology, it’s possible to create bold, colourful pieces that showcase your brand. Whether you’re advertising a new product or highlighting your grand opening event, a high-quality sign will certainly turn heads. And when it comes to shape, size, colour, and texture, the possibilities are endless.

Digital signage solutions allow companies to expand their target reach, thus, increasing profitability. LED technology and interactive storefront experiences are changing the way businesses engage with customers. If you like the look of digital signage, it’s entirely possible to incorporate this feature into a number of different styles. From A-frames to reader boards, let’s explore the various options available today.


This classic style is often found outside restaurants, hair salons, and many other neighbourhood establishments. The A-frame can be spotted easily by pedestrians, and is a good way to direct potential customers. Use this type of signage to grow your business by highlighting your services or daily specials. Highly customizable and lightweight, A-frames are one of the least expensive options on the market.

Backlit Signs

This option is a little more costly, but definitely worth the investment. A backlit sign can advertise your business 24/7, giving customers something to look at even when you’re closed for the day. Use digital technology to incorporate custom logos and colourful graphics that are relevant to your company. And remember, location is everything when working with this type of style. You don’t want your backlit masterpiece to get drowned out by all the other signs around it. Place your signage in an eye-catching area, and choose colours that stand out from the competition.

Channel Letters

Channel letters offer a crisp, clean look that are perfect for those who want to incorporate 3D texture. These letters have aluminum sides, and backs made of either aluminium or acrylic. The faces are made of acrylic too. Although they look good on their own, channel letters really come to life with LED lighting. They can be fastened directly to your building or onto a mounting board instead.

Electronic Signs

Electronic signage is one of the best ways to make your business or event stand out. These high-tech boards are programmable, so you can convey multiple messages without having to create a different piece each time. Electronic signage is best used as a complementary feature to a traditional sign. In colder Canadian climates, the lifespan of these products is not long. So be sure to invest in a durable, high-quality model.

Video Walls

Unlike traditional storefront signage, video walls are more engaging and exciting to look at. These customizable boards allow you to deploy a mix of moving video, artistic imagery, and even music to impress an audience. Some video walls have touchscreen capabilities, allowing your audience to interact with the content. If you’re interested in this style, work with a reputable AV equipment rental firm like Big Digital. An experienced team can not only help you install and maintain your video wall, but customize all its contents too.

Pylon Signs

Guaranteed to reach customers from a distance, pylon signs can advertise your business or event before patrons reach the building. Because pylons are quite large, they are generally more expensive than other styles. But they provide an opportunity to convey multiple messages, due to their four-sided facade. Just be sure to research your local bylaws to check that pylon signs are allowed.

Reader Boards

These handy contraptions are fully customizable and fun to work with. Reader boards are often used by schools to notify parents of important dates, or by churches to announce upcoming sermon topics. The only downside of a reader board is that it may be difficult during the winter months to rearrange its letters. If this seems cumbersome, consider investing in a digital sign instead.

Window Lettering and Graphics

This type of signage is a nice complement to other signs. Window lettering and graphics are a fabulous opportunity to add pictures and logos that may not have fit elsewhere. If you go this route, remember that window signage must be installed before temperatures reach 5 degrees Celsius. And be sure to place them strategically, as window signage can block out the sun.

A comprehensive sign campaign is one of the most important pieces of the marketing puzzle.No matter what type of style you choose, be sure to work with a firm that provides custom signage solutions—especially if you’re working with digital technology. Effective signage is key to luring customers away from the competition, and holding their attention just long enough to convey your message.

For more information about signage solutions, call Big Digital at 1-888-339-1815 or contact us here.

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