Enjoy Sunday brunches at these 5 places in Mumbai.

by Simran Kashyap on Jan 9, 2023 Politics 161 Views

Brunch is a meal that can be enjoyed any day of the week. What makes a brunch truly epic is rising late on a Sunday to join your friends for a meal when the lines between breakfast, lunch, and dessert are gluttonously blurred. The mood can hit you on any day of the week. Therefore we won't restrict you to just Sundays.


So, here is a list of the top brunch spots in Mumbai that promise you a truly unforgettable meal, ranging from lavish buffets to spots that are great for teetotallers.


The Square

The breakfast and brunch buffets at 5-star restaurants are among their best features. If you live in a pg in South Mumbai, Square is the best option to have a filling breakfast by the pool. This eatery gets high marks for its coastal setting and numerous gourmet alternatives as you enjoy the stunning ocean sunset.


Bay View Cafe

Enjoy waking up to a sumptuous brunch? Then, Bayview Cafe is just the place for you as it offers a fantastic view of the Arabian Sea while you chow down on delectable fare and sip on refreshing beverages. This location boasts a rooftop bar with a serene ambience that will tempt you to stay longer and take advantage of everything it offers. So note the place for a future adventure on your bucket list.


Lake View Cafe

The broad and comprehensive breakfast menu, lively decor, and stunning views of Powai Lake make Lake View Cafe the ideal brunch location. They specialise in mouthwatering treats ranging from traditional Indian and Chinese breakfasts to Continental and Italian cuisine. Whatever you're in the mood for, they have it all. They serve people from all walks of life. Come on over for a delicious treat and a lovely view!



This magnificent beachside modern Australian restaurant has a jazzy ambience, a stunning view of the golden sunset over Juhu beach, and is a celebrity favourite. Add it to your bucket list. As they dish up some delicious, mouthwatering meals and a late brunch menu, the wooden decor with a futuristic twist gives the location an alluring and unique vibe! Since they first opened, peeps, this restaurant has captured our hearts.


Pizza By the Bay

This restaurant is located directly across the gorgeous Marine Drive if you want to devour some on-fleek Italian fare. Indulge in their outstanding Mumbai Masala Pizza, and you'll thank us later. They also offer a fantastic and varied breakfast and brunch buffet that will absolutely fascinate you. A culinary experience with an amazing view makes it a perfect brunch.


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