Eight Winning Medspa Social Media Marketing Trends for 2023

by Sukhpreet Singh on Dec 1, 2022 Sports & Recreation 113 Views

Marketing trends keep on changing from time to time. There are new medspa marketing trends every year, making it more important for you to stay up to date. You need to align with the latest trends and ensure your business stays on top in 2023 and beyond.

Social media is more than just about posting content every day.  You can build a genuine bond with your customers through social media since it’s one of the most vital steps in medspa marketing. 

Nowadays, medspa marketing is all about meeting users’ needs and delivering exemplary customer service to stay ahead of the competition. Better online engagement, easy communication, and authenticity are a part of improving patient experience. 

Let’s dive deep into a few medspa marketing trends that can be effective in 2023 if you follow them diligently.

1. Short video content is high in demand- It’s crucial to understand why short video content engages the audience so well on social media. Short videos are efficient in connecting you with your target audience. They help build a strong connection and trust in your customers, making them more loyal to your brand. 

In fact, short videos have a more significant impact on social media as the majority of users prefer this type of content. If you’re a medspa business owner, your video content should be both educational and entertaining. This can create interest and engage the audience, besides helping your raise brand awareness. 

2. Instagram Reels can help your business succeed- Your Instagram profile’s reach and engagement can increase with Reels as Instagram’s feed algorithm prioritizes them. Being a medspa business, experimenting with new Reels formats, concepts, and relevant content may not be a bad idea. Reels can improve online engagement,  brand awareness, reach, and help unlock opportunities to diversify content.

You can use the user-generated content and share them as Reels. For instance, if a customer posts a Reels video showcasing your products, reshare it. It can build a special bond with that customer. 

Apart from building trust with your audience, using user-generated content for Reels can increase your organic followers. It’s easy to convert genuine audiences into clients as they are the ones on your target. Before posting Reels, ensure it is relevant to your brand. 

3. Share the journey of your existing customers - Testimonials and positive reviews by happy clients is the best way to improve brand awareness and visibility. This medspa marketing strategy can never go out of trend. Most people are active on social media and like to post their experiences. So, if a customer does that for you, share that on your social pages, and you are more likely to attract new customers.

Nothing can replace the impact of sharing before and after content on social media. However, before doing this, take permission from the client you’re posting about on your social media.

4. Nano-influencers and micro-Influencers marketing- Nano-influencers mostly have around 1K–10K followers on their social media channels. They share product reviews and engage with their followers through comments and messages. Consider collaborating with these influencers to promote your medspa business.

Micro-influencers, on the other hand, have around 10K–100K followers. These influencers have a particular field of specialization. Therefore, they can provide you with more focused leads through their campaigns. 

5. Augmented reality (AR) can get more recognition- Augmented reality or AR is a computer-generated effect that works with your camera. Several platforms like Snapchat and Instagram have these AR filters. They enhance the visual aspect of social media content, making them widely popular.

Story Stickers on Instagram are also an interactive feature that will continue to grow in popularity in 2023 along with the AR feature. Your medspa business can launch branded AR filters to increase social media engagement on your page. 

6. YouTube Shorts and long-form videos- Long-form videos on YouTube are more likely to stay longer on the shelf and have proven to be more successful. Pre-established brands with a massive following are more successful with Shorts on YouTube. 

Focus on sharing videos that can increase sales, grow a stronger community, and encourage sustainable long-term organic growth.

Eventually, to develop a strong presence on YouTube, you need to create a long video content strategy and focus on SEO techniques. As we head into 2023, tags will be the second most crucial thing to be found in searches. The key lies in using relevant keywords in your title and description.

7. Redirect customers- Social media marketing attracts targeted audiences and spreads awareness for medspa businesses. However, social media is flexible and offers more benefits than it was intended to. 

You can use social media to redirect your audiences elsewhere. For instance, when posting about a special offer, you can add a call to action to the post to help users take relevant action. You can also add the link to your online bookings page in your posts to make it easy for prospects to approach you.

8.  A social media crisis policy comes in handy- A crisis can be anything negatively impacting the reputation of your brand. Before you initiate a social media crisis policy for your business, it's essential to know what qualifies as a real crisis. You won’t need a perfect response every time, but it’s critical to identify the problem before it escalates. For instance, a medspa business must address negative comments or reviews.

A negative review is not the end if you have a solid social media crisis policy. Once you know the real issue, be transparent with your audience and actively communicate with them. Make sure you go beyond apologizing to build back the trust of your audience.

The Bottom Line

Creating accounts on different platforms does not ensure successful social media marketing of your medspa business. 

Most businesses create their accounts on social networks without strategizing. You should not waste your time, effort, and resources on social media if you’re not sure how to get the desired results. 

You can take the help of social media automation tools like Practina. Social media automation leaves the stress out of finding every time a trend comes in or goes out.

Handling a medspa business is already a mammoth task. So automate your social media with Practina, which is also available as an app on the Apple Store and Play Store.

It can manage all your social media marketing needs, from content creation to posting, from helping you run ads to analyzing your social media performance. There’s a lot more to explore.

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